Incorporating Concrete Flooring in to Your Houston Garage

[Posted on August 6th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Installing concrete in your Houston garage is a smart way to go green and save money on a durable surface that’s built to last. It’s also great for outdoor patios, walkways, driveways and pool areas because of concrete’s natural durability and ability to withstand heat and other elements. Houston Concrete can bring out the natural beauty of your concrete by blending aesthetics, durability, versatility and functionality all in one. You can even incorporate custom patterns and texture through stamps, colors and finishes to mimic the look of stone and other materials.

Green Features

The professionals at Houston Concrete can help boost the sustainability of your garage flooring while at the same time encouraging economy, durability and functionality that will last for decades. Going green when it comes to your flooring and patios can actually save you cash over the long haul because you won’t be spending lots of money on repairs and maintenance. Another testament to the Eco-friendliness of concrete is that there are several concrete coatings and sealants these days featuring non-toxic and low-odor versions that won’t affect your health.

The ultimate in sustainable construction that’s minimally invasive, concrete flooring, particularly in a garage, comes with several benefits — not the least of which is its minimal impact on the environment. Because concrete flooring acts both as the foundation slab and the finished floor, there is no carpeting or other overlay on the top that must be replaced over the years. By going with concrete, you not only conserve materials, you also boost the energy efficiency of the space and ensure the quality of your indoor air. You’ll also save cash, too, as concrete doesn’t require a lot of costly maintenance or upkeep.

Why Concrete for Garages?

With beautiful, long-lasting, durable concrete flooring in your garage, you can create an extension of your living area through the addition of color, which can also hide imperfections and improve wear resistance. Just because it has to be durable doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can enhance a plain drab garage with heavy duty coatings that give the space a much-needed upgrade as well as improve its resiliency. After all, it will house your cars, tools, lawn mowers and other functional, heavy items. As such, concrete coatings and decorative stamping can hide stains, small imperfections, tire marks and even oil spots when done the right way. With so many choices available for the base coating, you can easily add on other design options that bring out the enhancements.

Concrete flooring, particularly for garages, needs to be durable. It needs to stand up to abuse not typically seen in other areas of your house or yard, as it must hold the weight consistently over time of your cars and any other large equipment you have in there. When it comes to installation, this involves thicker slabs and longer cure times, which your contractor will have expert knowledge of. Concrete coatings can further protect the floor from stains, spills and imperfections, allowing you to easily clean off the affected area. Choose concrete for your garage and do your part to go green.

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