Compared To The Various Types Of Protective Coatings For Concrete Houston Residents Install, Carvestone Reigns Supreme

Because Carvestone offers superior protection, there’s not a better way to protect concrete Houston homeowners have available them today. At Allied Outdoor Solutions, we take each Carvestone project and customize it for the home and homeowners. Our design team will present you with samples and examples of how your customized Carvestone design but we’ll ask for your input and feedback. The final product results in a decorative concrete surface that is amazing to look at. It’s not uncommon for a Carvestone coated concrete surface to have people assuming it’s made of real stone.

Concrete surfaces in the Houston area must deal with the heat, humidity and other weather conditions that are a part of the year-round climate in this part of the country. While stamped concrete has been one of the more popular concrete overlay methods because it does strengthen concrete surfaces and can sometimes be affordable. Stamped concrete, however, has only a 3500 PSI rating where as the Carvestone concrete coating has a PSI rating of 5800. This leads to Carvestone looking new for years longer than stamped concrete surfaces.

Carvestone projects installed by Allied Outdoor Solutions are done by hand, resulting in the finest craftsmanship available. Once you’ve decided on a design, we’ll begin the process of hand troweling, carving, coloring and grouting every square inch of the project to ensure the highest possible quality. This work is done with no messy tear-outs, meaning your home life won’t be turned upside down by the process.


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