Choosing Concrete for Your New Houston Driveway

[Posted on December 27th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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If you live in Houston, Texas, and you’re looking to incorporate a beautiful, unique look for your home or business driveway, concrete is an ideal material for this project due to its resiliency, durability, potential for style and increasing popularity. Concrete is versatile, durable, aesthetically appealing, low in maintenance, and high in quality when done right. Enhance the beauty of your driveways in Houston and improve the effectiveness, durability and attractive decor of your concrete.

Concrete as a Statement

Your driveway, whether at your home or your business, welcomes guests to your door. Why make it ordinary or lackluster? Make a statement with concrete driveways in Houston, incorporating a traditional smooth look or a stamped look that resembles the natural look of stone, brick and other materials. Using concrete for your driveway may cost you more than a traditional asphalt service, but it will pay off in the long run due to its long lasting lifespan. You can shape, color and texture it the way you want, to match your home, outdoor decor and landscaping. You can opt for a stamp or imprint of any pattern you want, whether cobblestones and brick, or something out of the ordinary like a sunburst or a star — conveniently symbolizing the Lone Star of Texas.

Benefits of Concrete

With concrete, you’re not limited to one pattern like you would be with stones or brick. You can make geometric patterns, a random look, or a distinct shape. Concrete can be colored to any shade you desire. Plus, it lasts a long time and can take the heat of those hot Houston summers. If you go with asphalt in a hot climate, it can get very warm to the touch, and may crack or buckle under such heat.

Concrete can withstand the heat and it’s not as hot to walk on. This isn’t to say concrete will never crack; however, you won’t see those big humps that develop on asphalt, and you won’t see weeds poking through concrete, especially if it’s well-maintained. Concrete can be contoured and textured to provide slip resistance, or coupled with aggregates for a composite appeal. You can also choose to have a brushed look, or go with the smooth finish of concrete. If you have children who love to play basketball in the driveway, you may want to opt for a smoother finish so the ball doesn’t catch an edge when it bounces. However, if you have a business in the Houston area that attracts high-priority clients, you may want to go with a more decorative pattern.

Concrete driveways can also boost your home’s value. In some neighborhoods, where the homes are priced high and there’s a neighborhood association that wants a uniform look for all houses in the development, concrete may even be required over other materials like asphalt. Additionally, concrete is a durable material when compared with other paving types, such as gravel, which can scatter off into the nearby grass when people drive, walk or run over it.

Impress your guests and clients with the versatility of concrete, showing off your style and commitment to durability in Houston.