Carvestone Leads To Customized Decks Houston Homeowners Are Proud To Show Off

Allied Outdoor Solutions is able to create decks Houston homeowners are proud to spend time on and entertain guests with the Carvestone concrete overlay. A great aspect of the Carvestone process is the fact that it does more than improve the way that your deck looks, it also provides a level of protection that is much more durable and long lasting than you’ll find elsewhere. Failing to install some form of concrete coating, your deck will not last very long once it’s exposed to the harsh environmental conditions that Houston faces year round.

For protecting decks, Houston homeowners have multiple options but some of the common methods that are chosen are usually more of a quick fix rather than serve as a long term solution. Spray-ons and stamped concrete offer some protection but not the type that will last for a long period of time and will eventually need to be redone. This costs additional money erasing any perceived savings that may come with these types of concrete coatings.

Additionally, these processes require messy tear outs that you won’t have to deal with when Allied Outdoor Solutions installs a Carvestone coating to your deck, patio, driveway, walkway or other exterior concrete surface. That’s something anyone dealing with home improvements will appreciate if they’ve lived through disruptive  construction work in the past. Each Carvestone project we install is tailored specifically for the homeowner and we customize it to your exact requests. Your Carvestone concrete coating will be designed to enhance the existing look of your home.


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