Carvestone Is Most Advanced Concrete Overlay Available

As more and more Houston area homeowners learn about Allied Outdoor Solutions and our Carvestone concrete overlay process, the formerly popular methods of protecting exterior concrete, such as stamped concrete, have become much less utilized. For years, it was thought that stamped concrete overlay offered the most affordable option for homeowners looking to protect their concrete driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks. However, now that people have discovered that the Carvestone concrete overlay will last for several years longer than stamped concrete, people are embracing the long term value available with Carvestone.

Even in cases when stamped concrete provides a less expensive solution in terms of the initial installation, the fact that it has an inferior 3500 PSI rating (compared to Carvestone’s 5800 PSI rating) has led people to learning the reality that after just a short amount of time, stamped concrete will begin to deteriorate . We’ve done Carvestone projects that still look new a decade after installation. During that same period of time, most stamped concrete surfaces would have to be repaired or reinstalled at least once.

Carvestone gives homeowners a real stone look without the real stone price and our hand installation means each project is unique to that specific home. The hand installation helps us maintain a high level of quality, complete the project with no messy tear outs and allows us to create a texture that is less slippery than other methods. This is great for pool deck resurfacing and other areas that can become slippery when wet.


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