Boring Driveways – Houston Homeowners Are Working to Banish Them

[Posted 13 Mar 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

If you like to look at driveways, Houston has some interesting ones. You say you don’t spend too much time staring at boring gray concrete? You might be surprised at what is available in concrete these days. There are now resurfacing materials that can make what was once a dull building material look elegant. Existing concrete can be made to look like paving stones, brick, tile, or marble. There are even stains available that can make concrete look like gleaming hardwood flooring. Here are some ideas to consider for redesigning your driveway:

1. Match the driveway to the home. When planning resurfaced driveways, Houston homeowners often choose a look that matches their housing style. Make sure the driveway matches the property’s color scheme and character. These outstanding drives can do a lot to beautify a property.

2. Add a border. Borders can add a dramatic flair. They can be added to already wide driveways with a saw cut line, some engraving and colored surfacing material to set the edge off from the rest of the driveway; this transitions well into landscaping.

3. Seal the driveway after staining it. Why seal concrete driveways? Houston doesn’t have that much freezing weather. It isn’t just ice and snow that can break down concrete. Cars can drip gas, oil or antifreeze, and rain can find its way into the tiniest cracks. Sealing not only gives the driveway a gleaming, fresh appearance, it helps lower future maintenance costs and makes the drive easier to clean.

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