Basic Market Research Reveals Carvestone Is The Best Concrete Overlay On The Market

Once you’ve recognized the need for a concrete overlay at your home, it’s then up to you to determine which type of concrete overlay you should install. There are a few different methods that are commonly used, some which have been popular for years, such as stamped concrete. However, even basic research will reveal that most of these methods are outdated compared to Carvestone by Allied Outdoor Solutions.

There was a time, many years ago, when stamped concrete was generally believed to be the most effective concrete overlay on the market. However, as in any industry, there have been innovations and advances made and stamped concrete is no longer able to hold that distinction. This is because once Carvestone began to be used for protecting exterior concretes after originally being developed in Europe for the restoration of historic buildings and it’s clear that it’s superior in every way to the other types of concrete overlay Houston residents can chose from.

The strength achieved with a Carvestone concrete overlay is nearly double that of unprotected concrete, achieving a PSI rating of 5800. This rating is higher than that of stamped concrete, which has a PSI rating of only 3500. But it’s really the way that Carvestone looks that sets it apart from other types of concrete overlay. Each Carvestone project we install at Allied Outdoor Solutions is completed by hand and custom designed based on the specific home where we’re doing the installation. This results in a look that is impossible to achieve with the other types of concrete overlay.

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