Allied Outdoor Solutions Installs A New Flagstone Houston Homeowners Can Turn To For That European Look

There’s no question that exterior concrete surfaces in Houston and the surrounding areas requires some method of concrete overlay or concrete coating. Without protection, these surface are subjected to the heat and humidity of our climate in the summer as well as heavy rainfalls during different periods of the year. It doesn’t take long for the climate to begin to damage these concrete surfaces, making them unsightly and dangerous.

Allied Outdoor Solutions is a Houston-based company that installs the state of the art concrete coating known as Carvestone. Carvestone is similar to a popular method called Flagstone Houston residents have sometimes chosen as their concrete overlay but is more affordable and has additional benefits. Carvestone’s PSI rating of 5800 makes it it the strongest concrete coating Houston homeowners can choose from.

Flagstone is appealing because it gives a classic European look to concrete surfaces such as pool decks, walkways, gardens, patios and driveways. Carvestone was actually developed in Europe for the restoration of historic buildings, so it’s simply a modern approach to the flagstone Houston homeowners have long desired. Carvestone itself actually contains quarried limestone, so it’s understandable how it is able to give off that “real stone” appearance but Allied Outdoor Solutions is able to install Carvestone for a fraction of the costs that it would take to actually put in real stone in these surfaces. Our installations do not require messy tear outs because we do all the work by hand, so you’ll be able to live your life normally during the installation.

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