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5 Reasons You Need Carvestone Concrete Overlay for Your Home

Here are the top 5 Reasons You Need Carvestone Concrete Overlay for Your Home

If you are considering doing some upgrades to your home, you may want to think about ways that you can add more curb appeal. Customized exterior improvements are a great way to do this. Unique Carvestone concrete overlay for walkways, porches and entrances can make a huge impact on your home’s appearance. Here are five reasons you should consider this popular exterior improvement.

Concrete Overlays Add Interest

Unlike traditional concrete, Carvestone overlays allow you to add your own unique flair to your home. There are a huge number of color and style choices that simply cannot be accomplished any other way. Most concrete applications are simply sprayed or stamped on, but Carvestone overlays are hand-crafted. Since each project is carved, colored and grouted by hand, your home will be truly unique from your neighbors.

Concrete Overlays Add Value

Not only do concrete overlays add interest and elegance to your entrance, patio or other outdoor areas of your home, they also add value. A home with beautiful landscaping is always more desirable and yields a higher price on the market. Not only that, but the ability to use the space adds daily living value to the home for you and your family.

Concrete Overlays Cover Minor Flaws

If the concrete paths, walkways and porches around your home have been through a few season changes, it will likely show cracks, missing chunks and uneven areas. Although repairs do help to regain the structural integrity, they don’t always match up the best. With Carvestone concrete overlays, you don’t have to look at those unsightly patches any longer, because they will be completely covered by a warm, natural looking surface.

Carvestone Concrete Overlays are Rugged

Carvestone is tough, in fact, it’s nearly twice as strong as concrete. That means it’s long-lasting and durable and it also comes with a full 7 year warranty. However, if anything does happen to go wrong with your concrete overlay, Carvestone is also easy to repair. Unlike other concrete overlay surfaces, any repairs will never be seen.

Carvestone Has A Natural Look

For a unique, durable beauty, Carvestone is made with crushed limestone and natural-quarried quartz. You get a realistic stone appearance that is not equaled by any other concrete overlay surface. In fact, no one will ever guess that it’s concrete, not stone, lining your walk. It’s that convincing.

To talk more about concrete overlays and how the Carvestone system can help you create the look and feel you want for your home, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Concrete Overlay and Carvestone in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX

Concrete Overlay and Carvestone in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX

It Starts With a Pool Deck Overlay – Create an Outdoor Entertainment Space

It Starts With a Pool Deck Overlay – Create an Outdoor Entertainment Space

A pool deck is a great place to hang out and enjoy the warmer months. With an upgrade of a pool deck overlay, a pool deck can be a fantastic place to hang out all year round.

Getting a Pool Deck Overlay

A pool deck overlay is how this facelift begins. A CarveStone coating can be customized to the look of your home, and it looks and behaves like real stone. Additionally, the surface is safer, with slip resistant qualities. No tear-out of your existing pool deck area is necessary, the CarveStone is applied directly over it. Most of the first day of the installation is spent prepping the area to prevent delamination, so the CarverStone adheres permanently to the existing surface. This is the where your outdoor entertainment area begins.

Appliances to Consider

Consider how you enjoy entertaining. A wood-burning pizza oven and a fire pit to gather around is a great start. You can also add a full propane-powered cooking unit and grill, as well as a refrigeration unit.

Furniture to Consider

An outdoor table for enjoying meals, or use chairs around a lower table to simply create a space to enjoy drinks and snacks with family and guests. If you do not want to do more than grill on your pool deck, a bar with seating makes a fun spot to gather.

It starts with a consultation for the pool deck overlay. Find out how affordable it is to get rid of your ugly pool stone. It’s a fast and painless process to get a free estimate to upgrade your pool deck, so you can turn it into a fully functioning entertainment space. Contact us for your quote today.

Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions

Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions

Update Your Backyard with Affordable Pool Deck Resurfacing

Update Your Backyard with Affordable Pool Deck Resurfacing

Has your pool area begun to look a little dated and faded? Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone is a great way to accomplish so much with only moderate time and outlay.

Carvestone is a concrete overlay for your pool deck that can provide the look of custom stone pavers in various pattern to fit around the pool layout and the surrounding pool area. This easy care concrete system creates a beautiful, custom design that updates your pool surround and provides a variety of other benefits as well.

•Carvestone will cover minor cracks and imperfections to make your pool deck look like new. Minor cracks can be worked into the pattern to add to the customized design. There are a variety of colors available to coordinate with the color of your home and to create an updated look that will wow your friends and neighbors.

•One of the major benefits of Carvestone is that is creates a slip-resistant finish. When your children are enjoying the pool, you know there will be splashing water everywhere. Minimizing the possibility of slipping and falling for them, and for others around the pool, is a great way to ease your mind about pool safety and allow you to just relax and enjoy your pool time.

•When resurfacing the pool deck with Carvestone, there is no messy demolition of the deck or walkway surfaces. The process can go much more quickly without the noise, dust, and dirt of destroying the old surface and installing something new.

•Your new Carvestone pool deck resurfacing will resist damage and fading from the UV rays of the sun and stains from pool chemicals.

•This affordable resurfacing will add to the value of your home while not requiring a large investment of time or money. If you need to spruce up your home before selling, such a simple update may mean the difference between your home selling quickly or lingering for months.

For examples of the difference Carvestone resurfacing can make in your pool or patio area, take a look at some of our before and after photos . Then contact us to discuss how easy it can be to have the pool surround of your dreams created in your own back yard in the Houston, Austin, or Dallas, TX area.

Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions

Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions