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Should My Fire Pit be Wood Burning or Gas Powered?

There are several different things to think through when deciding gas vs. wood. I’ve tried to narrow it down to the three I think should have the most weight in your decision: cost, aesthetic and function.

From a cost perspective, a wood burning pit will be far cheaper. Running a gas line from the source can be costly and adding an ignition kit at the pit isn’t free. Other items often used in a gas pit are a fire ring and lava rock or glass shards. Very generally speaking, a gas pit will cost approximately 50% more than a wood burning feature and, while a fire pit is unlikely to be a huge factor in the cost of the entire project, it’s still something you should be aware of.

The aesthetics aren’t terribly different. Generally, you will have a row of firebrick on the inside of a wood-burning pit and weep holes at the bottom. Neither of these items will have a large impact on the final look. All of the same stone and brick can be used on the façade and the cap. The biggest difference is the top of the pit. A wood-burning pit will generally be wide open but a gas pit will have a fire ring and lavarock. It’s a cleaner, more modern look. Which one you choose is entirely dependent on your own preferences.

The function of the pit is where a gas pit usually wins out. The three functional items which are most problematic with wood burning pits are smoke, cleanliness and time. While the smoke of a wood-burning fire smells wonderful, it can be painful on your eyes and make for a pungent smell the next day. A wood burning firepit will need to be cleaned out after use or the ashes and wood debris can make a mess during a heavy rain as they wash through the weep holes. The third functional benefit of gas is time. You can light it when you want it, without needing wood on hand, and it will light immediately, every time. While lighting wood can be fun, it can also make for a frustrating evening.

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Kids’ Fall Fun With Your Fire Pit

Kids’ Fall Fun With Your Fire Pit


Granted, in Texas we’re blessed with warm springs, lingering summers, and mild winters — which makes outdoor living areas so popular and so useful. But fall has definite advantages, especially if you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. And especially if you have kids!

Kids love October, probably because they see the entire month as a lead-in to Halloween. So here are a couple of ways to make the most of your outdoor fire features.

Outdoor Camping at Home.

Kids love camping out, so let your children invite their friends to a backyard evening sleepover. Have them bring their sleeping bags and let them pitch tents all over the backyard. Supervising adults can help with roasting hot dogs and favorite camp food over the fire pit, and be sure to have coolers full of ice and soft drinks. Bring your best jokes and stories to tell around the fire!

Happy Backyard Halloween!

This is the big night for kids, second only to Christmas Eve, and a backyard with a fire pit makes it really special. After the trick-or-treating (or in place of it), treat them to a backyard Halloween costume party. Hang the trees with cheesecloth ghosts and spider webs (complete with big plastic spiders!), and lots of orange or purple lights strung all over the area. Have a costume party with prizes for “best,” “scariest,” “funniest,” and “most creative” costumes. Tell spooky stories around the Witches’ Fire, or re-live the night’s adventures: “Remember that one house where we got the…?”

Halloween is just made for outdoor fun, especially with cheerful firelight!

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