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“Pavers are the most durable hardscaping option available to homeowner’s but it’s the first class installation procedures that will determine how long they will stay beautiful. Decades of experience will help ensure that Allied Outdoor Solutions is the correct choice for you.”
– Justin Cheney, Vice President

Our Process

If you choose a paver application, there are a number of routes you can go: overlay, remove and replace and starting from scratch. Our most common application is the remove and replace. Our process for a standard remove and replace paver installation begins with the demolition of the existing surface. We will first remove the existing hardscape (concrete/stone/pavers) and then excavate down another 4”-6” in order to create a 8”-10” paver system. We will build the area back up by using a stabilized and compacted base material before applying a small amount of bedding sand for the pavers to nestle down into.  There will be an edge restraint poured around the outside which will help keep everything intact. That edge restraint will be concrete with rebar in it. Once the pavers are laid, we fill in the joints with polymeric sand. Polymeric sand has the look of grout and will help inhibit weed growth and prevent sand loss and joint erosion. Pavers may be a bigger investment on the front end, but as you can see above, we are building a durable system that will last for many years to come.


Whether it is a driveway, walkway, patio or retaining wall, pavers can certainly be the correct application for you. There are many styles to select from and plenty of colors to ensure that your project will flow with the rest of your home. In some cases we are able to overlay your existing concrete with our pavers and offer you all of the beauty of the paver system at a fraction of the cost. Your project consultant will be able to diagnose the situation and offer you a solution that best fits your needs.


ICPI certified
You can relax knowing that we have done our homework so that you don’t have to. We have gone to great lengths to keep ourselves up to date on installation training and methods so that we make sure that every project in installed the way that we would install it if we working in our own backyard.

Belgard Authorized Contractor
Because we are one of the few contractors across the state to be recognized this way by Belgard, the homeowner is rewarded with a lifetime warranty on the paver itself. While a paver is a durable product to begin with, it must be installed by an authorized contractor in order to have the backing of the warranty given. This is because the correct installation of the paver is what will determine its’ longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pavers require far less maintenance than other hardscape materials. Their strength and durability eliminate costly patching or re-surfacing while providing a long-lasting, dependable surface that is both aesthetically pleasing and lasts for many years. The modular nature of pavers assures that they can easily be replaced or repaired as needed. A seal is not something that is required which can help offset the initial project cost.

Not typically. Because pavers consist of small, high-density units, they resist the long, unsightly cracks that can mar ordinary concrete.

While any cement product will change color over time or be impacted by outside forces, pavers are less absorbent than other applications. Pavers are rated for less than 5% absorption, which is considerably lower than asphalt and poured concrete. This aids in resistance to oil and salt, both common destructive agents in the life and appearance of other paved surfaces.

Yes, they are. Inch for inch, pavers are stronger and more durable than conventional surfacing materials. Pavers can easily handle the daily weight stresses of cars and trucks. In fact, they are currently being installed on airport runways!

We offer a 2 year workmanship warranty and a lifetime product warranty on any Belgard paver installation.