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Give Your Backyard New Life This Summer with a Pool Deck Overlay

Give Your Backyard New Life This Summer with a Pool Deck Overlay

An unsightly pool deck affects the look of your entire backyard. Not only does it make the pool look old and worn, but also takes away from all adjacent patios, decks, and landscaping. A new pool deck will give your backyard a new life, and make your pool look new again. Homeowners have several options and styles to choose from for their new pool deck.

An outright replacement is an option for a pool deck in disrepair. This comes with the task of ripping the old pool deck out, excavating, and replacing with new concrete. This is a costly undertaking and comes with the risk of damaging the pool itself. Many homeowners opt to leave their pool deck as is when faced with the cost of a complete replacement. A pool deck overlay is a much more cost efficient method that restores the integrity and beauty of your pool deck.

An overlay utilizes your existing pool deck as a base, eliminating the need of removing the concrete. This alone saves the owner a lot of money and time during the project. The overlay uses Carvestone, which is a concrete like material made from crushed limestone and quartz, offering a harder surface that is resistant to chipping. The process involves etching your current pool deck, applying primer, and then the Carvestone product. The beauty of this product is that the owner chooses the color and pattern so that it compliments their current landscaping. A variety of stone patterns and colors allow you to make your pool deck unique and stylish.

If you would like more information on giving your pool area a new look, or fix a pool deck in disrepair please contact us.


Carvestone Pool Deck in Houston Texas


Carvestone Pool Deck in Houston Texas


Carvestone Pool Deck in Phoenix Arizona


Are Overlays on Driveways an Alternative to Re-Pouring?

Are Overlays on Driveways an Alternative to Re-Pouring?


Driveways have to stand up to a lot of punishment. In addition to constant exposure to wind and rain, sun and snow, heat and cold, they’re constantly being rolled over by multi-ton vehicles, used as hosting areas for basketball games, and dozens of other activities. With all of that going on it’s no surprise that your driveway can start looking a little rough around the edges after a few years.

While you always have the option to tear up your driveway and re-pour it, that’s an expensive proposal. In addition to being expensive, though, re-pouring a driveway is inconvenient. The weather has to cooperate, and the slabs have to set just right. Not only that but it can take days if you want to do it right. It’s not an easy task.

Fortunately there’s another option if you want to invigorate your driveway; adding a concrete overlay.



What is a Concrete Overlay?

A concrete overlay is a skin that goes on over existing concrete. These overlays come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, and they cover up and protect the concrete underneath. These overlays can provide extra grip, repel water, or just update the look. Not only that, but overlay on driveways is significantly cheaper than re-pouring the concrete.

For More Than Just Driveways

While concrete overlays are ideal for people who want to give their driveways a face lift while providing it with a bit of added protection, they’re also a great solution for other parts of your home as well. Concrete patios that could use some spicing up are good candidates for concrete overlays, but so are areas around in-ground pools where a water-resistant covering might be just the thing you need.

If you’d like to talk to a professional about concrete overlays for your driveway, or really any part of your home, all you have to do is contact us today!



Carvestone is an alternative to stamped or stained concrete

What to Look for In a Concrete Overlay Contractor in Dallas/Ft. Worth

What to Look for In a Concrete Overlay Contractor in Dallas/Ft. Worth

The Dallas/Ft. Worth area is blessed with warm weather for most of the year which helps make outdoor living areas more useable. It’s little wonder that more people are now creating outdoor kitchens, resurfacing their pool decks, adding pergolas, resurfacing their driveways, adding a patio to the backyard and overlaying existing concrete or pea gravel.

What is Carvestone Concrete Overlay?

Carvestone is such a durable and adaptable material that it can be applied with equal success in high stress and high visibility locations: driveways, patios, pool decks, and even vertical surfaces. Given a strong, stable substrate, we can cover concrete, pea gravel, cool deck, brick pool copings, and more. If you don’t have the surface required for a carvestone application or would like to expand the one you do have, we can pour the concrete to facilitate these changes. Our project consultants have gone through extensive product training and can readily discern the types of surfaces where a carvestone application will be most successful.

Customization: Unlike many overlay products, carvestone is flexible enough to coordinate with the existing character of your backyard.

Durability: Carvestone surfaces achieve strengths of approximately 6000 PSI, twice as strong as concrete.

Slip Resistant: We’ve built two layers of defense against slipperiness into our processes.

Cool Surface: Carvestone is cooler than many alternative surfaces including pea gravel, painted concrete, pavers, and stamped concrete.


The Five Things to Look for in a Concrete Overlay Contractor in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX

When looking to have any contractor work on your home, you should make sure that they meet the following criteria.

Licensed & Insured: The proper concrete overlay contractor in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX will be fully licensed to do such work and have the proper insurance so in case something happens you are not left with the bill.

Professional Installers: The best companies use skilled, trained personnel to create, build and install your kitchen outdoors. They will know what to do from the moment they arrive and will have many positive customer reviews as well that demonstrates their skill level.

Experienced: Knowing what to do is a vital part of constructing outdoor kitchens, especially considering the different types of challenges that backyards present. You want a company with years of experience in this kind of work.

Wide Variety of Choices: From simple colors to detailed designs, the company you choose should have plenty of choices that will help you design and create the nicest outdoor area for you to use.

Reasonable Price: Overall, the price should be reasonable for such an endeavor. But make sure you are getting the best price to service ratio.  The cheapest contractor is usually not the best and would probably not provide a warranty.

It’s little wonder that Allied Outdoor Solutions is the best choice to Beautify Your Concrete and install the nicest and most durable concrete overlay.  Contact us today for a free in home estimate.




Allied Outdoor Solutions Carvestone Concrete Overlay



Overlay for your Driveway: A Great Way To Enhance The Look Of Your Home

Overlay for your Driveway: A Great Way To Enhance The Look Of Your Home

Overlay for your Driveway… Allied Outdoor Solutions has many options.

When you own a home, there are many different areas to take care of. But one area that you should definitely not ignore is your driveway. Having an outdated, beaten up, and distressed driveway can easily affect the overall appearance of your home. That’s why you should consider overlay on driveways in order to make your home look newer and greatly increase its curb appeal with a fresh-looking driveway.

If your driveway looks shabby, it’s going to affect your home. This could be especially important if you are trying to either make your home look nicer or if you are trying to sell your home. On the other hand, a new-looking driveway will not only make your house look better, but will also have your driveway function better.

Overlay for your Driveway

Why concrete overlay?

Replacing an entire driveway can be a long and tedious process. So why not consider an alternative that will have your driveway looking brand-new with only a fraction of the time and the cost? Additionally, an overlay will make your driveway a showpiece of your home. If you have a hard time envisioning what your driveway could look like, then take a moment to look at our previous work.

At Allied Outdoor Solutions, we will take your driveway from shabby to chic. It’s important to have a good-looking and functional driveway, and with an overlay, we’ll be able to achieve just that. So if you want to make your house and driveway stand out, you should consider a driveway overlay. To learn more about our process and products, please contact us.

concrete driveway overlay in dallas and austin texas

Invest in Concrete Overlay

Invest in Sidewalk Concrete Overlay Once It Starts Wearing Down Heavily

Although the concrete on your property can last for a long time, especially when it is laid down correctly in the first place, you may have bought a home that has a severely aged concrete sidewalk. Instead of letting it continue to get worse over time, you should think about a sidewalk concrete overlay to take care of something that you would need to handle in the future and to prevent it from becoming worse.

Maximize Property Safety

While minor cracks should not be that dangerous to you or your guests, you should not take any chances with a sidewalk as it is used and relied on for safe passage. If you have handicapped individuals who visit your home regularly, you should make an overlay a top priority to prevent them from getting injured.

Enjoy Customization

Although you can opt for a plain and simple overlay, you can also take advantage of this opportunity to get a highly customized sidewalk. Whether you want the sidewalk to be the main focus or to complement the entire space is entirely up to you, but having these options in the first place is quite nice.

Better Appearance

Regardless of which option you choose, a new overlay will look better than what you had before. If the exterior of your home could use some work, a new sidewalk can help to improve this aspect of your home.

Higher Resale Value

If you think that you might want to sell your home in the near future, you can enjoy a higher resale value with a sidewalk concrete overlay, especially when the current sidewalk does not look so good.

Contact us if you have any questions about our professional services.


Resurfacing Walkway After Picture in Houston

Kids’ Fall Fun With Your Fire Pit

Kids’ Fall Fun With Your Fire Pit


Granted, in Texas we’re blessed with warm springs, lingering summers, and mild winters — which makes outdoor living areas so popular and so useful. But fall has definite advantages, especially if you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. And especially if you have kids!

Kids love October, probably because they see the entire month as a lead-in to Halloween. So here are a couple of ways to make the most of your outdoor fire features.

Outdoor Camping at Home.

Kids love camping out, so let your children invite their friends to a backyard evening sleepover. Have them bring their sleeping bags and let them pitch tents all over the backyard. Supervising adults can help with roasting hot dogs and favorite camp food over the fire pit, and be sure to have coolers full of ice and soft drinks. Bring your best jokes and stories to tell around the fire!

Happy Backyard Halloween!

This is the big night for kids, second only to Christmas Eve, and a backyard with a fire pit makes it really special. After the trick-or-treating (or in place of it), treat them to a backyard Halloween costume party. Hang the trees with cheesecloth ghosts and spider webs (complete with big plastic spiders!), and lots of orange or purple lights strung all over the area. Have a costume party with prizes for “best,” “scariest,” “funniest,” and “most creative” costumes. Tell spooky stories around the Witches’ Fire, or re-live the night’s adventures: “Remember that one house where we got the…?”

Halloween is just made for outdoor fun, especially with cheerful firelight!

Contact us for more information on transforming your outdoor areas.



Allied Outdoor Solutions Fire Pit Houston

Stamped concrete in Dallas

Stamped concrete in Dallas

  • Strong and durable
  • Lasts for Years
  • Looks Like Real Stone
  • Handcrafted with many options

When we saw your ad in the magazine, we knew that we had found what we were looking for, but when we saw it applied in person, we were blown away!

We love the versatility of your product. Your ability to create the pattern and color that we wanted really made our decision easy.

Your product has the look of real stone, but has the unique ability to be crafted into virtually any design and color, a great combination.

Consider Stamped Concrete as Another Option

Concrete is environmentally friendly; using a high percentage of reclaimed concrete from other projects and old buildings, it uses far less new resources than other materials. When mixing old concrete with new ingredients, it requires far less energy to extract the abundant materials used in its creation.

Looking around the cities of Texas such as Houston, Dallas and Austin, you will find many fine examples of stamped concrete work that are artistic, attractive, and limited only by imagination as to its many uses.
Stamped concrete is one of the most widely used forms of concrete, used by cities and private citizens alike. It transforms an ordinary flat, utilitarian gray surface into something of beauty with natural texture. It lifts areas such as garden patios and pool surrounds, adding character and a more opulent look and feel.

It is created by the pressing of flexible mats onto fresh concrete, leaving any decoration you might want in its surface. If you want the impression of limestone slabs, cobbles, slate, terracotta tiles or any other design, you can have it, only it’s harder wearing and more easily reparable in case of damage and, in spite of its good looks, cheaper than using more expensive options.

If you want to freshen up the looks of your home, using stamped concrete is easy, quickly delivered because the materials for its construction are locally acquired and constructed, and can be delivered in a wide range of colors to suit your needs. If the right color is not available as standard, then you can use staining services to get that exact match to your needs. A well-laid surface is hard to differentiate from the real thing. Staining is an excellent way to bring out the natural beauty of the surface, giving it a hard-wearing yet deep and expensive looking appearance, the envy of your friends.

Custom Stamped Concrete for your Home

Another benefit of stamped concrete is its ability to be shaped as per requirements, cutting and staining elaborate or simple designs, depicting anything you want from the Lone Star to more elaborate designs. Add to your stamped concrete surface using cast concrete shapes to create low, smooth surfaced walls, using their curves and straight lines to give the area a more natural flow and definition. Additionally you might like to incorporate planters and small, shaped garden beds to bring out the natural softness of shrubs lining the patio edging. If you are looking for stamped concrete in Dallas, consider Allied Outdoor Solutions.

You can find more information here

Flagstone Houston

Choose Carvestone When You Want Flagstone in Houston

  • No Messy Tear-Outs with Carvestone
  • Looks and Feels Just Like Real Stone

When we saw your ad in the magazine, we knew that we had found what we were looking for, but when we saw it applied in person, we were blown away!

We love the versatility of your product. Your ability to create the pattern and color that we wanted really made our decision easy.

Your product has the look of real stone, but has the unique ability to be crafted into virtually any design and color, a great combination.

Want to Install Beautiful Flagstone? In Houston, Call Allied Outdoor Solutions!

Flagstone is a popular choice among homeowners who want their walkways, patios or pool decks to have the look and feel of old European architecture, where flagstone has its roots. However, messy tear outs, expensive overlay jobs and lack of durability have led some to seek a better way of installing flagstone. Now with Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions, flagstone for Houston homes is available without all the trouble and there are a few extra benefits. Carvestone has a realistic stone appearance thanks to the inclusion of quarried limestone aggregate. Homeowners have chosen Carvestone because it has ingredients that are suitable for exterior applications. It also boasts compressive, flexural and tensile strengths that are unequal to other types of concrete overlay projects. Carvestone, like flagstone, has its roots in Europe, where stone artisans created the limestone mix.

Also, placing flagstone in Houston homes does not mean you have to pay the same price as you would for real stone. Carvestone is less expensive, but you do not compromise quality. Because it looks and feels just like real stone, no one will know whether it is real or not. Also, Carvestone can fit the design that you have in mind for flagstone. Houston homes should look unique and with Carvestone, you can have whatever pattern you desire. You can rest assured that our expert designers will take the time to create a wonderful concrete coating project just for you. Unlike stamped concrete or spray-on, our designers are able to trowel, texture and carve the project by hand. This gives you the ability to have the design you want and one that fits within the look of your home.

Allied Outdoor Solutions has a strong commitment to its customers and we are always looking for ways to meet their demands. Before we start the designing process, we will prepare a custom made board and have you approve it before we start to color. Once you sign off on it, our designers get to work, creating beautiful flagstone for Houston residents like yourself. Call us today for flagstone in Houston at 1-800-GO-STONE.

Now’s a Great Time to Beautify Your Patio with Gorgeous Flagstone Houston Concrete

The scorching Texas climate is finally giving way to the cooler months of the year, and this means that now is a great time to finally do something about the way your patio looks.If you’ve had a secret desire to beautify your patio, then you should no doubt consider the immense benefits found in the Flagstone Houston concrete solution provided by Allied Outdoor Solutions.

Home Use

We have worked hard to develop a great reputation with carvestone, pavers, concrete, and outdoor living areas. In Texas we service Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and all cities in between. We also service Phoenix and surrounding areas in Arizona.
– Drew Williams, President

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Allied Outdoor Solutions has been serving our customers with beautiful products and great customer service at a fair market price for over 10 years. In that time we’re grateful to have completed over 17,000 projects for our customers.

To learn more about Allied, and what makes the service we provide unique watch this video.

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