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What materials are best for temperature in the Texas and Arizona summer?

What materials are best for temperature in the Texas and Arizona summer?


Are you like one of our clients before they called Allied Outdoor Solutions who is tired of burning their feet on a hot pool deck or splashing your coping to cool it down before you can sit on it?  We are here to help.


Let us help you navigate  through all of your choices for decking so that you choose the best materials for extreme temperatures so that you can be comfortable all year long.  With over 17,000 projects complete you can leverage our experience to assist you in through this process.


Since Allied Outdoor Solutions offers all hardscape options let’s discuss one of our top products to help keep you cool.  Travertine pavers are one of our most popular and coolest options we offer.




Benefits of travertine pavers: 

  • In most cases, you can walk barefoot even in some of the most extreme temperatures including Arizona.
  • Rated at 8,000 PSI and can withstand weathering even in the harshest conditions. 
  • Will maintain their natural color for decades. 
  • Require little to no maintenance or cleaning aside from annual power washing.


Pro tip: When choosing a travertine solution, the coolest temperature travertine is based on the color.  The lighter the travertine stone the cooler you will find it to be when temperatures are the hottest.  Allied Outdoor Solutions’ will help you navigate the plentiful colors, patterns, and design aspect for your specific project.  


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Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Area with a Fire Feature

Create a Cozy Outdoor Living Area with a Fire Feature

Fire features are a recent trend in outdoor living areas, and many homeowners are realizing the benefits of extending the season with a little heat. A fire pit or fireplace becomes a cozy spot for your family to gather around and relax or toast marshmallows. Before you install a new fire feature, consider how you want to use it and keep safety in mind.

Fire Pits

A concrete or stone fire pit is ideal for a back yard or patio. It is low to the ground, provides light, and creates an intimate area for relaxing or conversation. A fire pit is smaller and easier to install than a fireplace and can be square or round. Make sure to select the right size for your space. If it is too big, the heat could drive your guests away from the area. Choose materials that blend in with your home or landscaping.


A fireplace is taller and more dramatic, often creating a focal point for your outdoor area. Because of this, place it against an attractive view to enhance it. While a fireplace is larger than a fire pit, it only heats the area in front of it so consider that when you place it. A fireplace is more versatile and you can outfit it for outdoor cooking.


Before installing a fire feature, consider safety. Don’t place it near flammable objects, such as low hanging tree limbs or awnings. Allow plenty of room for seating so guests can adjust their chairs if it gets too hot or if the wind shifts.

Some cities and counties don’t allow fire pits or fireplaces on a wood deck, so check your municipal codes before you add one. If you do place a fire feature on a wood deck it is crucial to place it on a fire-resistant surface such as a fire pit pad. In other areas, suitable paving prevents stray sparks from catching fire and helps ensure the safety of your family. It also makes the surrounding area attractive and easy to clean. Please contact us for more information about updating your outdoor living areas.


Should My Fire Pit be Wood Burning or Gas Powered?

There are several different things to think through when deciding gas vs. wood. I’ve tried to narrow it down to the three I think should have the most weight in your decision: cost, aesthetic and function.

From a cost perspective, a wood burning pit will be far cheaper. Running a gas line from the source can be costly and adding an ignition kit at the pit isn’t free. Other items often used in a gas pit are a fire ring and lava rock or glass shards. Very generally speaking, a gas pit will cost approximately 50% more than a wood burning feature and, while a fire pit is unlikely to be a huge factor in the cost of the entire project, it’s still something you should be aware of.

The aesthetics aren’t terribly different. Generally, you will have a row of firebrick on the inside of a wood-burning pit and weep holes at the bottom. Neither of these items will have a large impact on the final look. All of the same stone and brick can be used on the façade and the cap. The biggest difference is the top of the pit. A wood-burning pit will generally be wide open but a gas pit will have a fire ring and lavarock. It’s a cleaner, more modern look. Which one you choose is entirely dependent on your own preferences.

The function of the pit is where a gas pit usually wins out. The three functional items which are most problematic with wood burning pits are smoke, cleanliness and time. While the smoke of a wood-burning fire smells wonderful, it can be painful on your eyes and make for a pungent smell the next day. A wood burning firepit will need to be cleaned out after use or the ashes and wood debris can make a mess during a heavy rain as they wash through the weep holes. The third functional benefit of gas is time. You can light it when you want it, without needing wood on hand, and it will light immediately, every time. While lighting wood can be fun, it can also make for a frustrating evening.

Interested in a fire feature, call us today.



Redefining Life Outdoors with Allied Outdoor Solutions

Redefining Life Outdoors with Our Skilled Austin Patio Contractors



When you’re looking to get a new patio, driveway, pool, pool deck, or outdoor kitchen installed in your backyard, you will more than likely need a contractor to assist you. Contractors will give you guidance on things that you haven’t even thought of. Redefining Life Outdoors with Allied Outdoor Solutions patio contractors is the best way help you carefully construct your backyard renovations exactly to you liking while making sure that everything’s placed just perfectly. Keep reading to find out exactly what our patio contractors can do for you.


Knowledgeand Experience 

Our patio contractors have the knowledge and the experience to get the job done right. We know exactly what to consider when planning to build a patio, such as the ideal location for it. This would include considering things like the architecture of your house, where the windows and the doors are located, where various equipment is located, and so on, in order to ensure proper and perfect placement of the patio. This will all make certain that your patio is as peaceful and flawless as possible.


Custom Jobs 

Our patio contractors will strive to make sure that all of your needs and desires are met. Whether you have a specific material in mind, a specific color, a specific style, or a specific finish, our contractors will work hard to make that vision a reality. Creating custom patios for our customers is what we do best, and not only will your patio look the way you want it to, but we construct them using only the best and highest quality workmanship and materials.


Contact us today and start Redefining Life Outdoors with Allied Outdoor Solutions.  We are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and Family Owned.






Redefining Life Outdoors

Redefining Life Outdoors