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Carvestone vs Stamped Concrete

Carvestone vs Stamped Concrete



As you can see from the above photos, both Carvestone and stamped concrete are solutions that can beautify any area around your home.  When we visit your residence for a free consultation we can offer professional advice to ensure your needs and wants are filled ensuring we fit you with the right solution.  A common misconception between these two hardscapes is that stamped concrete and Carvestone are one in the same.  While they have some similarities, they are unique as you can see from the photo we shared with you above. The good news is that we offer both solutions.  


Here are common ways that they are different:  


Their name says it all, stamped concrete is concrete with a decorative design installed by highly experienced crews. Carvestone is a proprietary product that only  Allied Outdoor Solutions offers that is a decorative limestone and quartz overlay.


About Stamped Concrete: Concrete is a mixture of cement, water, and an aggregate (sand, gravel or rock). Stamped concrete needs a set of wood forms.  The wood forms contain the concrete and the concrete will take the shape of the forms both in size and shape.   Concrete forms are typically wood 2x4s along with forming/flexible boards.  Using these wood forms Allied Outdoor Solutions can create the desired outdoor space for you. After your project has been formed we will start to place steel rods inside of your forms known as rebar.  There are many sizes of rebar and we use 3/8-inch rebar and place them on 18-inch centers.  This provides the structural integrity with which ensures a long lasting concrete pour of a patio, driveway, or walkway.


Allied Outdoor Solutions can bring your concrete from the mixing truck to the work-site a number of ways.  A few common ways we use are by wheelbarrow, pump truck or a motorized machine better known as a Georgia buggy. After we pour the concrete into the forms.  It will then be bull floated which causes the concrete’s cream to rise to the surface. We do this to ensure the ideal surface to finish the concrete in the desired pattern and color you have chosen with your dedicated project manager.   


Allied Outdoor Solutions does not use integral color; we use a topical color known as color hardener because it allows us to have a more consistent finish on the surface. You will see us using a physical rubber stamp to get the desired design you have chosen in advance.  Your new stamped concrete project can be walked on in about 24 to 48 hours. 


Allied Outdoor Solutions installs all hardscape options but only recommends the one that best fits your needs.  You can rely on your project consultant to guide you to the right solution and your dedicated project manager to bring to life a space you can enjoy for years to come. 


Contact us for more great tips to set up an outdoor living area which will encourage you to spend more time outdoors.


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How Concrete Overlay Can Enhance Your Outdoor Kitchen

How Concrete Overlay Can Enhance Your Outdoor Kitchen

Increasingly, people around Texas and Arizona are adding outdoor living areas to their home. The reason is simple: you can add sometimes significant living space to your property, without having to expand its footprint. Particularly in warmer climates, this option comes with significant return on investment.

But of course, you have to get it right. Adding an outdoor kitchen, for instance, only makes sense if you plan it well and use materials conducive to handling food and entertaining guests.

That’s where concrete overlay comes into play. A number of advantages make this flooring opportunity the perfect fit for your outside kitchen, or any type of outdoor living area. Some of them include:

A Better Look

First things first: without a doubt, concrete overlay can enhance the look of any outside space. That’s because its finish is made to resemble natural stone, and can be customized to fit the feel of the overall space. In other words, concrete overlay is sure to help make your kitchen a conversation piece.

Easy to Clean

Let’s not forget about cleaning up, either. Especially with a kitchen and any area in which you expect to handle food, this variable is vital. Concrete overlay will seal your floor, ensuring that any accidental spills are easily taken care of.

Custom Applications

Finally, every overlay project is done by hand, which means it can be customized specifically for your needs. Regardless of the size, style, and type of your outdoor kitchen, you will appreciate this customizability and the quality that comes with our applications.

In short, concrete overlay is the perfect fit for your outdoor living area project. To learn more about this product, and to get a quote on what it might cost to enhance your outdoor kitchen, contact us.



Add a Kitchen To Your Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor kitchens are becoming a very popular way to transform your backyard into the perfect area for entertaining your family and friends. If you enjoy entertaining and outdoor cooking, then it only makes sense to combine the two into your own personal backyard oasis. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of adding a kitchen to your outdoor living area



Outdoor Enjoyment 

Outdoor kitchens give you the ability to really enjoy the outdoors. You’ll have a lot more fun entertaining when you can grill up delicious and healthy foods during your next social gathering right in your own backyard. And cooking is not the only thing that you will enjoy about it. You can really expand your outdoor kitchen to include a refrigerator, an ice maker, a patio heater, and lots of furniture and other accessories. Let your cooking and your entertaining preferences and styles run wild. 

Adds Value To Your Home 

Outdoor kitchens are a great investment and can add a ton of value to your home. It’s one outdoor home improvement project that can give you a serious return on your investment. You will get nothing but the best in materials and components, making your outdoor kitchen able to withstand even the harshest weather. 

Let us help you take your outdoor cooking and entertaining to a whole new level by creating your very own outdoor kitchen sanctuary anywhere in the Houston, Dallas, Austin, or Phoenix areas. It’s something that you’ll definitely be proud to call your own. Contact us today at Allied Outdoor Solutions to get started!



Add Personality to Your Austin, Texas Home

Add Personality to Your Austin, Texas Home

If Austin, Texas is known for one thing, it is our unique sense of individuality, like the unofficial slogan of Austin says, “Keep Austin Weird.” Austin is the 11th most populated city in the United States, and it’s residents thrive on diversity. Austin is the home of many different people; students, both domestic and international, government employees, musicians, high-tech workers, and blue-collar workers.

As a homeowner, one way you can show your Austin individuality is by having custom work done in your yard. Allied Outdoor Solutions is Austin’s go-to contractor for creative, beautiful, and functional outdoor living spaces. If you have a vision for your yard that involves concrete or stone work, we can make your vision become a reality. We create incredible outdoor living spaces, like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and pool decks that are sure to amaze your guests and make your own home feel like a luxurious getaway. Here are a few examples of projects we do to get you brainstorming for your Austin home.

  • Outdoor Kitchen: Just browse through our outdoor living gallery to get a few ideas from amazing projects we have completed. From turning a grill into a whole kitchen space, to having a complete kitchen outside, we can create the perfect summer kitchen for you.
  • Pool Deck Overlays: We use our carvestone method of creating a custom overlay for an existing pool deck to make an individual and gorgeous surrounding to your pool. Not to mention, carvestone is safer for a pool deck because it is slip-resistant.

These are just a few ideas you could apply to your yard. Contact us at Allied Outdoor Solutions today to get started on a wonderfully unique project for your home.


Allied Outdoor Solutions Outdoor Kitchen and Patio Cover Allied Outdoor Solutions Outdoor Kitchen and Patio Cover Allied Outdoor Solutions - Outdoor Fire Place on Patio Carvestone covered patio and deck that is an alternative to pavers Decorative concrete in Houston

Update Your Pool With Pool Deck Resurfacing

Update Your Pool With Pool Deck Resurfacing

Summer is just around the corner and now is the time to complete any projects on your pool. If your pool is looking dated and you want a fresh look for your backyard, check out Allied Outdoor Solutions for your pool deck resurfacing needs.

Whether you want to update your pool for your own enjoyment, or if you are looking to sell your home, updating your pool deck is going to add to the value of your house. did a study to find the top 10 cities for people who want pools in their yard, and six of those cities were in Arizona! Plano, Texas also came up on the list with 31% of homeowners having pools.

According to the article, one Arizona realtor, Carol Royse, said any home valued at over $250,000 is almost guaranteed to have a pool. She said she recently showed a very nice home to a number of people, all of whom rejected it because it didn’t have a pool. So, if you live in Texas or Arizona, investing in your pool is a big deal.

Allied Outdoor Solutions creates an overlay for your existing pool deck so you don’t have to deal with the cost and the mess of tearing out the existing pool deck. Under the right circumstances, we can also cover pea gravel, brick, and more. All of our concrete overlays can be customized with dozens on patterns and colors to make the beautiful pool deck you have always dreamed of.

Contact us today at Allied Outdoor Solutions and we can get your pool ready for summer by resurfacing your pool deck with an overlay you will love.



Carvestone Pool Deck in Phoenix Arizona Carvestone Pool Deck in Houston Texas Carvestone Pool Deck in Houston Texas Allied-Carvestone-pool decks-101 Allied-Carvestone-pool decks-100



Houston Concrete

Why choose Houston Concrete?

Unlike many companies, Houston Concrete offers the assurance of a professional, experienced general foreman who inspects and works at every jobsite, every day.

Houston Concrete and Lonestar Concrete are dba’s of Allied Outdoor Solutions.

When we saw your ad in the magazine, we knew that we had found what we were looking for, but when we saw it applied in person, we were blown away!

We love the versatility of your product. Your ability to create the pattern and color that we wanted really made our decision easy.

Your product has the look of real stone, but has the unique ability to be crafted into virtually any design and color, a great combination.

Concrete Driveway, Stamped Concrete, Concrete Outdoor Surfaces, and Decorative Concrete

Concrete Driveway
Houston Concrete can build you a concrete driveway in Houston that will add an aesthetical atmosphere and increase the value of your home. Using a time-tested and intricate process, we work hard to provide a stable, solid finish so the concrete will remain strong throughout the years.

We broom the surface, so it will be slip-resistant and even check for drainage control as well as manage cracking.

We will work with you and educate you about the process, giving you the power to make informed decisions about the direction of the project. Our crew will always provide you with excellent customer service.

Stamped Concrete
Houston Concrete is the one name to remember for stamped concrete in Houston. We only use time-tested, quality materials during our optimal processes, to ensure that you benefit from excellent workmanship.

Whether it is building a driveway, pool deck or patio, we always aim for perfection from the first batch of concrete laid until the finishing touches are made. Our crewmembers are bonded and insured, for your protection and they are highly experienced.

Rest assured, our crewmembers will educate you about the entire process, so you know everything that is going on. We believe in keeping a strong line of communication open and will always keep you up to date, so there are no surprises.

Concrete Outdoor Surfaces
For decorative or just plain concrete, Houston Concrete is the one name you need to remember. We can lay concrete for your driveway, patio or pool deck. Using a very detailed process, we make sure the concrete is smooth, drains well, resists cracking, looks great and remains strong, so you can enjoy it for years with proper maintenance.

Our crew are bonded, insured and have plenty of experience. They will keep you informed about every step of the process, even the cleanup. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and have an unrivaled reputation within the Houston market. When you need experienced people to help you with laying concrete, give us a call.

Decorative Concrete
In Houston, decorative concrete can add value as well as beauty to homes within the nation’s fourth largest city. Houston Concrete is the place where you can get decorative concrete for your driveway, pool deck or patio.

We have an experienced general foreman that always inspects and works every jobsite. By employing our expertise, knowledge, communication skills and integrity, we can construct decorative concrete designs made to order. You can always expect professionalism and courtesy from our crewmembers, some who are bilingual.

Decorative concrete not only looks great, it is strong and long lasting. We have earned the trust and confidence of our customers over the years and once you contact us, you will see why!

What are the most important qualities to have in a concrete contractor?

Experience, first and foremost. A contractor’s experience is reflected in the work. Secondly, strong communication skills are necessary to ensure that you get the quality work you’ve paid for. Thirdly, and this doesn’t get mentioned enough, thoroughness. The contractor should maintain a presentable job site, complete the project to your satisfaction and protect the investments you’ve made in your home and landscaping.

Carvestone Surfaces for Your Home

Carvestone Surfaces for Your Home

The Carvestone process originated in Europe where it has been used in restoring monuments and historic places. Carvestone Coatings received a United States patent and trademark in December, 1979.

Adding a coating of hardened, treated, colored and carved concrete and quartz compound is an economical and decorative way of resurfacing. It has become a popular way of refinishing patios, driveways, walkways and outdoor extensions of the home.

When we saw your ad in the magazine, we knew that we had found what we were looking for, but when we saw it applied in person, we were blown away!

We love the versatility of your product. Your ability to create the pattern and color that we wanted really made our decision easy.

Your product has the look of real stone, but has the unique ability to be crafted into virtually any design and color, a great combination.

Carvestone can be installed over old concrete

The Carvestone coating can be placed over old concrete, undamaged tile, brickwork, and various kinds of deck and pool coping. It can bind smooth pea gravel into an unbroken surface. It makes an excellent pool deck surface. It creates a very hard surface, three-eights of an inch in thickness, rated strong.

The exciting thing about Carvestone is that the unbroken surface is carved, colored and grouted during installation by expert technically trained artisans. The look of Carvestone goes way beyond the appearance of mere treated, died or stenciled concrete. The un-repetitious patterns and tints can’t be distinguished from rich, beautiful tile of your choice. The tile look is applied right on site while the coating is laid.
Carvestone is also a seamless surface. It has the look of individual paving stones. Realistic grouting is applied in a decorative way. However, there are no spaces. Weeds will never grow through the it. It will not crack along seams from ice or moisture.

Carvestone Surfaces for Your Home can be installed without tearing out your original paving. The work goes much faster than it would if original surfaces would have to be removed. It minimizes damage to your lawn and structures. The economy of Carvestone comes from the fact that you do not have to buy volumes of paving stones and the substrates to support them.
If you are looking for paving to enhance the outdoor enjoyment of your home, call us today at 1-800-GO-STONE.

Pergolas in Houston

Searching for Ideas about Pergolas in Houston? Choose Allied Outdoor Solutions

  • Allied Outdoor Solutions offers outdoor living options for your yard
  • We specialize in pergolas and outdoor kitchens
  • Get a custom built pergola built the way you want
  • Looks great and adds character to your backyard

When we saw your ad in the magazine, we knew that we had found what we were looking for, but when we saw it applied in person, we were blown away!

We love the versatility of your product. Your ability to create the pattern and color that we wanted really made our decision easy.

Your product has the look of real stone, but has the unique ability to be crafted into virtually any design and color, a great combination.

Get shade with a new Pergola

Pergolas can provide shade and help customize your backyard area. We have many options available for you to choose from. You can choose from a basic shade structure to a multi level outdoor living area. Finding Pergolas in Houston does not have to be a difficult job. For more on Pergolas in Houston or any other outdoor living project, call us today at 1-800-GO-STONE.

Pool Decks

Pool Decks

Exactly what you need to spice up your backyard.

Get a Classic Look for Your Pool Deck

Are you tired of your ugly pool area? Are you sick of the way your pea gravel erodes, and how painful it is to walk on? Is the hot summer sun burning your feet on your cement pool deck?

Choose Your Own Stone Pattern

A CarveStone coating for your pool is exactly what you need to spice up your backyard. If you schedule a free estimate with us, you can choose a stone pattern that will match your pool area. We don’t stamp the concrete or use stencils–we customize the look for you. Every project is a work of art that is sure to enhance and revitalize your pool area. Best of all, there’s no messy-tear out. We can work around your existing surface, whether it’s tile, cool deck, concrete or pea gravel.

Beautify Your Pool Deck Without the Messy Tear-Out

Even a simple change can give your entire backyard a facelift. A CarveStone coating can provide a colorful, textured addition to your existing pool deck. We can customize the stone look to compliment the exterior of your home, your landscaping and your pool. The possibilities are limitless! Even if CarveStone gets wet from the rain or pool water, CarveStone behaves exactly like real stone. The surface is safe and slip-resistant, which means your children will appreciate it as much as you do. Contact us today and see what solutions we have for your pool deck.

You can find more information here

Houston Concrete

Choose Carvestone for your Houston Concrete needs

  • Stronger, Lasts a Long Time
  • Improve Home’s Curb Appeal
  • Has Appearance Similar to Real Stone
  • Hand-Crafted, Custom Jobs

When we saw your ad in the magazine, we knew that we had found what we were looking for, but when we saw it applied in person, we were blown away!

We love the versatility of your product. Your ability to create the pattern and color that we wanted really made our decision easy.

Your product has the look of real stone, but has the unique ability to be crafted into virtually any design and color, a great combination.

Carvestone is a Solution for Homes in Houston with Concrete Issues

Homes in Houston with concrete issues such as cracking or discoloring will need a viable concrete coating in order to solve the problem. Carvestone is the one that stands above other, cheaper methods like stamped concrete or spray-on coatings because of its strength, durability, beauty and ability to be customized. Allied Outdoor Solutions offers Carvestone to our customers so they can have a product that will add to their home’s curb appeal and outdoor living enjoyment. Our applicators are experts in using quality, time-tested materials as well as applying their professional craftsmanship when installing Carvestone at homes in Houston. Concrete falls short of the value of Carvestone because it lacks in strength and beauty. Houston experiences a lot of variety when it comes to weather as well, but Carvestone is able to hold up even with Texas’ notorious sun beating down on it year after year.

Also, Carvestone is 100% customizable. This means the homeowner can work closely with our designers to create a lovely concrete coating that will satisfy them beyond their expectations. We can create a driveway, patio or pool deck that meets the specifications of the homeowner by hand-troweling, hand-carving, grouting and coloring each job in detail. This will add value to the home and create a pleasant living atmosphere for the entire household.

Carvestone also looks like real stone, which is a major addition to any home in Houston, Concrete does not have the beauty that real stone has, but Carvestone can achieve this look due to its actual quarried limestone aggregate. Carvestone has ingredients that are suitable for exterior application, boasting compressive, flexural and tensile strengths that no other type of coating can match.

Our commitment to our customers is the top priority at Allied Outdoor Solutions. We ensure our customers that every job will be performed by our skilled installers with the ultimate goal to beautify their outdoor living area. Our product offers an exceptional value and quality that you cannot get with concrete. Houston residents with concrete issues should choose Carvestone before anything else. With Carvestone available to residents in Houston, concrete issues can become thing of the past. For more information, call us at 1-800-GO-STONE.

Get the Most Out of Your Pool Area with Beautiful Long-Lasting Houston Concrete Solutions

With temperatures continuing to rise, a number of Houston households will be looking forward to getting the most out of their pools. Yet some households aren’t as excited about using their pools as they should be, and this is all the result of cracked or otherwise ugly-looking pool decks. This is why it will pay to consider our beautiful and long-lasting Houston concrete coating solutions if your pool could use a little bit of work.

Enjoy The Numerous Benefits Of The Top Houston Concrete Coating: Carvestone

There are many reasons that Allied Outdoor Solutions is the top installer of Houston concrete coatings in the area and the more you learn about us, and our Carvestone concrete overlay, the more you’ll understand why that’s the case. Contact us today for more information.

Let a Houston Concrete Firm Improve the Appearance of Your Driveway

Homeowners who are looking to add beauty and a touch of class to their property will want to use a Houston concrete firm such as Allied Outdoor Solutions to improve the appearance of their driveway.

A plain concrete driveway is utilitarian, serving as a stable surface on which to drive and park vehicles at your home. However, there is no reason that homeowners should settle for a plain look when there are options to make the driveway stand out in the neighborhood.
In the past, people thought that you would have to tear out the driveway and install a new one that uses a customized stone look to make it look more beautiful, or add a stain or stamp that serves more to emphasize the concrete than give you the look you want.

Now, however, with the Allied Outdoors Solutions Houston concrete company, homeowners can enhance their home’s curb appeal and get the look of genuine stone for much less time, effort and money.

We provide the concrete overlay Houston residents prefer for making their driveways look beautiful and impressive. By using Carvestone, you can have the entire surface of the driveway covered with a hand-carved, hand-grouted stone look that is fully customizable. These strong and durable driveways have been tested to confirm that they will last for the long haul. In fact, by using a special blend of crushed quartz and limestone, the overlay will bond to the existing surface of your driveway.

Imagine pulling up to your home and stepping out of your car or truck onto a beautiful driveway that has the appearance of a pattern of square stones or a more classic pattern that uses flagstones. Because it has been customized to your particular tastes and to fit well with your home, you have a unique blend of beauty and practicality, thanks to the Houston concrete overlay work you chose to use.

By selecting Carvestone as a solution for beautifying your concrete driveway, you will save plenty of time that would normally be spent tearing up the driveway and starting over from scratch. You might have to park on the street in front of your house for an extended period of time, which would require you to move it on days when the trash trucks, recycling firms and street sweepers arrive to tend to your neighborhood.

Homeowners seeking to improve the value of their property but who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg can be assured that using a simple overlay treatment for their Houston concrete driveway will dramatically increase its worth. A customized driveway with a stone look will make you the envy of your neighbors as they drive up and down their plain concrete driveway every day.

There are many reasons that Allied Outdoor Solutions is the top installer of Houston concrete coatings in the area and the more you learn about us, and our Carvestone concrete overlay, the more you’ll understand why that’s the case. Contact us today for more information.