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It Starts With a Pool Deck Overlay – Create an Outdoor Entertainment Space

It Starts With a Pool Deck Overlay – Create an Outdoor Entertainment Space

A pool deck is a great place to hang out and enjoy the warmer months. With an upgrade of a pool deck overlay, a pool deck can be a fantastic place to hang out all year round.

Getting a Pool Deck Overlay

A pool deck overlay is how this facelift begins. A CarveStone coating can be customized to the look of your home, and it looks and behaves like real stone. Additionally, the surface is safer, with slip resistant qualities. No tear-out of your existing pool deck area is necessary, the CarveStone is applied directly over it. Most of the first day of the installation is spent prepping the area to prevent delamination, so the CarverStone adheres permanently to the existing surface. This is the where your outdoor entertainment area begins.

Appliances to Consider

Consider how you enjoy entertaining. A wood-burning pizza oven and a fire pit to gather around is a great start. You can also add a full propane-powered cooking unit and grill, as well as a refrigeration unit.

Furniture to Consider

An outdoor table for enjoying meals, or use chairs around a lower table to simply create a space to enjoy drinks and snacks with family and guests. If you do not want to do more than grill on your pool deck, a bar with seating makes a fun spot to gather.

It starts with a consultation for the pool deck overlay. Find out how affordable it is to get rid of your ugly pool stone. It’s a fast and painless process to get a free estimate to upgrade your pool deck, so you can turn it into a fully functioning entertainment space. Contact us for your quote today.

Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions

Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions

Update Your Backyard with Affordable Pool Deck Resurfacing

Update Your Backyard with Affordable Pool Deck Resurfacing

Has your pool area begun to look a little dated and faded? Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone is a great way to accomplish so much with only moderate time and outlay.

Carvestone is a concrete overlay for your pool deck that can provide the look of custom stone pavers in various pattern to fit around the pool layout and the surrounding pool area. This easy care concrete system creates a beautiful, custom design that updates your pool surround and provides a variety of other benefits as well.

•Carvestone will cover minor cracks and imperfections to make your pool deck look like new. Minor cracks can be worked into the pattern to add to the customized design. There are a variety of colors available to coordinate with the color of your home and to create an updated look that will wow your friends and neighbors.

•One of the major benefits of Carvestone is that is creates a slip-resistant finish. When your children are enjoying the pool, you know there will be splashing water everywhere. Minimizing the possibility of slipping and falling for them, and for others around the pool, is a great way to ease your mind about pool safety and allow you to just relax and enjoy your pool time.

•When resurfacing the pool deck with Carvestone, there is no messy demolition of the deck or walkway surfaces. The process can go much more quickly without the noise, dust, and dirt of destroying the old surface and installing something new.

•Your new Carvestone pool deck resurfacing will resist damage and fading from the UV rays of the sun and stains from pool chemicals.

•This affordable resurfacing will add to the value of your home while not requiring a large investment of time or money. If you need to spruce up your home before selling, such a simple update may mean the difference between your home selling quickly or lingering for months.

For examples of the difference Carvestone resurfacing can make in your pool or patio area, take a look at some of our before and after photos . Then contact us to discuss how easy it can be to have the pool surround of your dreams created in your own back yard in the Houston, Austin, or Dallas, TX area.

Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions

Pool deck resurfacing with Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions

Concrete Overlay

Concrete Overlay

Are you looking to transform your faulty concrete flooring finishes? If the answer is affirmative, Allied Outdoor Solutions is the perfect place for you. We offer you various options to improve the outlook of your house through our magnificent decorative concrete floor finishes. At Allied Outdoor Solutions, we offer the best concrete overlay options in Houston, Dallas and Austin. We provide our customers with the perfect solution of for all their concrete flooring problems.

Various jobs related to concrete such as concrete overlay, concrete stamping, concrete polishing and concrete stain can be very tricky at times. Allied Outdoor Solutions is one of the leading concrete contractors in Houston, Dallas and Austin area and are proud to have vast experience in concrete overlay and other concrete floor specialties. Visit our showroom or browse through our website to look at our concrete overlay options. You can explore through these pictures to select designs and to get innovative ideas on how to improve your floors, driveways, patios or any other area. Our designer concrete overlays provide your home with a much more elegant and appealing look with natural, polished stones. Feel free to contact us for any queries regarding options and prices.
Concrete overlay is the ideal solution for people looking to give their home a stunning and elegant look without compromising on durability and strength. Our concrete overlay and designing experts in Houston, Dallas and Austin area can help you in completely transforming your home to give it a much improved and artistic look. Allied Outdoor Solutions provides you with countless concrete overlay options and you can choose from various designs and colors to meet your requirements.

Benefits of concrete overlays

Some of you might think that why you should opt for concrete overlays. The answer to this question is not so difficult. This method can help you in transforming your house without digging out your old concrete floors. Concrete overlays provide you with a cheap and efficient method to give an elegant and artistic look to your home.
It doesn’t matter what the nature of your concrete overlay project. Whether it is residential, commercial or an industrial flooring area; concrete overlay provides it with an instant facelift. Allied Outdoor Solutions not only provides you with concrete overlay solutions for the interior but also decorative concrete solutions for exterior flooring areas such as garages, driveways and patios.

• Vast Customization options
• Strength and durability
• Low maintenance costs
• Highly affordable

To know more about concrete overlay in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, TX, feel free to Allied Outdoor Solutions. We look forward to hear from you and click here to see our concrete overlay before and after gallery.

Allied Outdoor Solutions Carveston Concrete Overlay

Allied Outdoor Solutions Carveston Concrete Overlay

Concrete Overlay and Carvestone in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX

[Posted on September 17st, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Concrete Overlay and Carvestone in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX

Concrete Overlay and Carvestone in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX
Have you noticed some kind of concrete wear lately around strategic places in your home such as the patio driveway and around pool deck? If yes, then it is time to install a concrete overlay. Several methods such as spray-on concrete etc. are been adopted by house owners in Houston, but in reality, carvestone offers one of the best options far better than what was been used in places like Houston, Austin and Dallas.
There are no overloaded avulsions with carvestone. Also, it is more durable and last much longer than the compressed concrete and spray – on concrete. Several customers of ours in Houston, Austin, Dallas, TX, and other places whom we have helped installed cavestone and concrete overlay through many years have testified to its durability and long span qualities.
These installations of over ten years are still looking good and intact today. With concrete overlay and carvestone in Houston, Austin, Dallas, TX, you have a beautiful driveway or patio that will retain its appearance and quality for many years to come.
In addition to its quality, it is just like real rock. At quick glance, everyone can easily tell how distinctive it is from others. The reason why it is genuine is that it possesses total quarried limestone – this is useful In Dallas, Texas and Houston as it can be used for external application and work that requires high compressive structural strength.
A great aspect of carvestone that puts it over stamped concrete or spray- on is that you can customize the design to suit your taste. Apart from this, it is more detailed and each work is done by hand. Our expert designers carve by hand trowel and we will make sure it matches the requirement and aura of your home. If you want something that lasts longer as well as looks better, contact Allied Outdoor Solutions today. It is our goal to provide our client with great satisfaction.

Concrete Overlay and Carvestone in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX

Concrete Overlay and Carvestone in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, TX

What to Look For in a Concrete Paving Company

Many home building projects require the expertise of a concrete paving company. Homeowners oftentimes need their services when they want to improve or add pool areas, patios, outdoor kitchens, fire features, walkways, walls, terraces, steps, garden paths and other outdoor areas. They definitely call them for help when replacing or putting in a new driveway. If you’re considering a home building project that may require a concrete paving company, here are a few things you should know.

Many Forms of Concrete

Concrete is a durable, long lasting building material that has been around for centuries. It comes in many forms, including several types of pavers, stamped concrete, plain concrete and more. There is a lot to know about how to use concrete as a paving material, and the margin for error is great. For example, if concrete is not mixed, installed or cured properly, it will crack and look terrible. That’s why contacting a professional concrete paving company may be the best way to go if you want your finished project to look flawless and last for a long time.

Finding a Professional

One of the best ways to go about finding a company that specializes in concrete paving is to ask your friends, family and workmates if they can recommend a company. Another option is to drive around local neighborhoods to look for examples of something you like, such as a gorgeous, new looking walkway. Then, ask the homeowner for the name of the company who performed the work. You can also ask your local building material supply store if they can recommend specialists in your area. Additionally, you can search the internet for local recommendations and read reviews.

Look for Expert Qualities

A good concrete paving company must be qualified in many areas. They must have a long history of hands-on experience and a deep understanding about how to mix concrete so that it will be strong, durable, and beautiful. They must be able to create forms and structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. And, they must be able to tell you the best type of material to use for your particular project, and the most effective way to install it. Knowing which material is suitable for the job is extremely important, according to.

Houston Pavers is a very good example of a paving company that can do all those things and help you reach your home project goals. Not only do they use time-tested installation techniques and employ an extremely knowledgeable and experienced crew, they also use the best materials on the market. And, since they understand communication is key, they will answer any questions you may have, and provide you with key information about materials, installation, scheduling, future maintenance and costs. They are a company that will help you each and every step of the way, including cleanup, since they know that cleanup is an extremely important last step of the job. Because they are bonded and a member of good standing with the Better Business Bureau, you can rest assured that you are always in good hands.

concrete paving company

concrete paving company

The Difference Between Stamped Concrete and Pavers

[Posted on September 2nd, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Many people wonder what the difference is between stamped concrete and pavers. Since sometimes stamped concrete and pavers can look similar, it’s a good idea to understand the distinctions between the two before beginning your Houston stamped concrete projects.

Stamped Concrete Defined

Concrete is considered “stamped” when it has been marked with a pattern or texture so that it looks like brick, flagstone, slate, stone, tile, wood, or other types of patterns and textures. Stamped concrete concrete works well in driveways, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, and walkways. Stamping concrete in Houston is generally a three-part process. First, color is poured into freshly mixed concrete to create a tint. Then, the concrete is poured into a form. Lastly, before it hardens, it is stamped with patterns and textures.

Pavers Defined

Pavers, also called brick pavers, paving stones and paving tiles, are often used to create driveways, patios, roads, walkways and many other outdoor features. Pavers are produced in factories by combining concrete and color and then pouring the mixture into a mold. They are installed by creating an edging, pouring a concrete base, covering it with sand, and then placing the pavers in a designed pattern. The pavers’ weight and the edging materials hold the pavers in place. Glues and other types of adhesives are not needed.

Facts on Pavers

Pavers don’t crack much since each piece moves independently from the others. When they do crack or get damaged, individual paver replacement is usually easy. Although it’s possible for pavers to shift and loosen with age, the base can be repaired without harming existing pavers. Since pavers are offered in many different shapes and colors, you will probably find it easy to harmonize them with the style of your home. And, they are especially known for adding appeal to gardens and patios.

Depending on your application, pavers can take longer to install than concrete, since each stone must be positioned by hand. The time it takes will depend on your project, but a driveway can take about two weeks. You can benefit from pavers, if you plan to keep your home for many years and can afford them, since some projects can initially cost 10 to 15% more than stamped concrete. However, you will save you money in the long run since projects made with pavers can cost less to repair.

Stamped Concrete Considerations

Stamped concrete can be poured into any shape you want or need and also comes in lots of colors. Although extremely durable, stamped concrete will most likely crack over time due to heavy loads, settlement, shrinking and swelling. These cracks can show up due to rain, freezes, thaws, drought, earthquakes, or when heavy cars are placed on driveways. Repairs made to stamped concrete are usually noticeable because almost all contractors find it difficult to match the original concrete’s design, tint, texture. Plus, the number of cracks and repairs can accumulate to a point where you may want to replace the stamped concrete entirely.

Again, the time it takes to pour and cure cement will depend on your project, but a driveway may only take about five days, so you will be able to use it quickly.  And, initially, stamped concrete is sometimes not as expensive as pavers. So, if you are short on cash and need a job done quickly, it may be beneficial to choose stamped concrete in that situation.

A Guide to Concrete Resurfacing

[Posted on September 1st, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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For both homeowners and business owners, keeping concrete looking well kept and well preserved can be a challenge, especially when the material can gain wear and tear over time. Luckily, instead of replacing old and worn concrete, tearing it up and dealing with the mess and hassle the project demands, there is a better, and much more aesthetically pleasing option. Concrete resurfacing in Houston has become a more and more popular choice, allowing for a fresh new look for a fraction of the price of new concrete.

What Is Concrete Resurfacing?

For the most part, concrete resurfacing in Houston is exactly what it sounds like; putting a new face on the surface of the concrete. There are designer options as well as industrial options, to satisfy both business owners and homeowners. In many cases, commercial work and public highways will install a thin layer of overlay rather than tearing up a road completely to start anew. On private properties, such as homes and small businesses, these overlays do not always have to be normal sidewalk overlays. Many homeowners will opt for a more decorative option to spruce up their property and add some curb appeal. There are a wide array of different types, textures and colors to choose from.

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

There are many pros to implementing concrete overlays, and not all of those benefits fall under the budget category. Not only is it often more cost effective to pick a concrete overlay instead of ripping out the current concrete to pour fresh cement, it can add a beautiful shine to a property. Colors can be chosen to match the current theme of the house or commercial building, texture added to a driveway, or anti-slip treatments can be implemented near pools and fountains to ensure maximum safety during parties and relaxation days.

Bring in the Experts

While opting for a concrete overlay may be less costly, it is not a job for the inexperienced. This is a non-invasive task, but it takes a great deal of training to achieve the proper results. Those in the Houston, Texas area should consider companies like Allied Outdoor Solutions, who will work closely with their clients to ensure the customer gets the best care, top customer service, and a product the homeowner can be proud of for years to come. Allowing professionals to perform the labor can lower the possibility of accidents significantly, and allows the homeowner to free up time for work, family gatherings, or important errands.

Eco Friendly

It is becoming more and more important to ‘go green’ these days, and many households and businesses alike are putting the three R’s into effective use by placing recycling bins around the office or home. Why should concrete be any different? With concrete overlay, there is no need to rip up the pavement and cart it down to the junk yard or landfill to dispose of it. Overlays help to conserve the material already poured, eliminating waste. In addition, the materials used in the resurfacing process are non-toxic and low in odor producing chemicals so they will neither pollute the air or release harmful minerals later. Whether turning to overlay options for environmental issues, budgeting, or curb appeal, it is difficult to find fault with this highly affordable and aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Adding a Concrete Overlay to Your Houston Patio

[Posted on August 26th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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One effective way to give your backyard patio a boost is to have a concrete overlay installed. It’s best to have a professional install it, such as those at Allied Outdoor Solutions, because the process involves meticulous attention to detail and skill. If you have boring and drab concrete in your home or as part of your landscape, these elements can pull down the value of your home and its overall look. You can increase your value by incorporating concrete overlay on your Houston property. All it takes is a durable coating in the color and texture of your choice. And no messy tear-outs are involved. Taking durability, versatility and affordability into account, you will see that concrete overlays can be a positive addition to your backyard.

Choosing a Concrete Overlay

Concrete is a good choice for outdoor landscaping, such as in patios, because it has a low initial cost with little regular maintenance needed. If you don’t want to take on a big project that involves tearing out the existing concrete and starting from scratch, you can opt for an easier solution for your backyard patio. This is where concrete overlays from Houston-based Allied Outdoor Solutions come in. You can hide imperfections in existing concrete and add a splash of color to anything from driveways and patios to pool decks and walkways. This is more affordable overall because there’s no need for tear-outs, plus the time spent on the project will be less. With so many styles, colors and designs to select from, your only stress may come from the fact that you simply can’t decide on those factors! Concrete coatings are made from a blend of cement and minerals to provide just the right texture for your needs.


When opting for a concrete overlay, you’re making a wise choice that blends well with the climate. Coatings such as Carvestone, which is the product that Allied Outdoor Solutions uses, withstand the heat of the Texas sun and is perfect for pool areas. Before quartz coatings came along, which is essentially what Carvestone is, all coatings looked the same — fake. Now, with advancements in technology, you can get the look of real stone at a fraction of the price. Plus, concrete is more durable than natural stone in many instances, and it’s so versatile, you can configure your design in any way you like.

Carvestone coatings are even more durable than concrete — twice as strong in fact. Concrete coatings won’t break down over time, plus they’re hand carved and crafted for a unique look every time. Those minerals and additives work together to increase the wear resistance, appearance and performance of concrete. The installation process should be handled by pros due to the precision involved. They know how to adhere the coating to your old concrete so it’s able to keep salt, abrasions and chemicals out. They also know how to ensure the base is structurally sound and won’t lead to cracking later on. Don’t worry about fading, either, because concrete overlays naturally resist UV rays.

Caring For Decorative Concrete In Houston

[Posted on August 20th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Choosing decorative concrete flooring for your Houston home is a smart way to achieve long-lasting durability for the indoor or outdoor surfaces of your home. This versatile material can be used inside or outside, and comes in a variety of patterns, colors and designs. Whether you want concrete for a walkway, patio, screen house or pool area, you can look for professionals like Houston Concrete to provide you with this flawless addition to your house.

Why Houston Decorative Concrete?

Its easy to care for decorative concrete in Houston and there are many reasons why you should choose Houston Concrete’s decorative concrete for your next flooring option, not the least of which is concrete’s innate strength. It can resist UV rays, has a low initial cost with little maintenance needed, and features a natural slip resistance that is great for pool areas. Concrete also resists fire and never burns, which makes it ideal for outdoor kitchens and fire pits. It’s a green material that’s got durability on its side, posing a minimal environmental impact that is priority number one for many progressive homeowners.

Concrete won’t rot like wood will and it never has to be ripped up every few years due to staining like carpeting does. And, unlike carpeting, concrete doesn’t harbor harmful allergens that can trigger asthma and allergies. Boosting the sustainability of your Houston home is easy with decorative concrete, which resembles natural stones of all kinds without breaking the bank. When you opt for concrete, you’re conserving materials because there’s no need to rip it out and start over every few years like with other flooring surfaces, plus you’re adding to the energy efficiency of your home. Because concrete doesn’t require lots of maintenance and therefore money, you’re keeping more cash in your wallet. With so many concrete coatings and sealants featuring non-toxic and low-odor versions, you can ensure the health of your family when you incorporate decorative concrete into your home.

Caring for Decorative Concrete in Houston

If you properly care for your decorative concrete in Houston, it can last up to three decades. That’s because concrete actually gains strength after it’s poured, resulting in a long-lasting surface that can repel the elements well and really take a beating, such as in the case of driveways and pool decks. The one thing you should do as a homeowner is re-seal your decorative concrete each year to maintain it’s lasting beauty and luster. For regular concrete surfaces that are not decorative or stamped, you can do this task every three years.

Why Houston Concrete?

From outdoor kitchens to patios, you can choose from a wide spectrum of stamps, colors and finishes to enhance your indoor or outdoor decor. Making a lasting impression with your flooring is as easy as enlisting the help of Houston Concrete, backed by a history of meeting the home remodeling needs of Houston homeowners for 24 years. This company is bonded and insured, and is a member of the BBB, boasting highly trained technicians, proven concrete techniques, and the use of only the best quality materials. With an unrivaled value, Houston decorative concrete is a wise choice for any homeowner who wants to boost the value of their home and become the envy of the neighborhood with a flawless finish.

Easy to care for decorative concrete in Houston

Easy to care for decorative concrete in Houston

Beautify Your Houston Outdoor Living Spaces With Pavers

[Posted on August 19th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Adding pavestone to your Houston pool, patio or outdoor kitchen is an easy way to beautify your outdoor living space. Enhancing your home through the use of beautiful, long-lasting pavestone, whether to accent a tree-lined walkway, garden path or spacious patio area, you can make your vision a reality with pavers. Installation by professionals, such as that of Houston Pavers, is imperative to get the job done right.

Why Pavestone?

Perfect for homes in Houston, pavestones are not only strong and durable, but they’re also more cost effective than patching or re-surfacing, according to Houston Pavers. Comprised of small, high-density units, pavestone can naturally resist cracking that often comes with standard or stamped concrete. Because they are less absorbent than other surfacing materials, pavers are perfect for withstanding the heat of Texas and other elements. They’re also attractive and versatile and can resemble the look and feel of slate and other natural stones, says Bob Vila. Thanks to their depth and ability to mimic expensive natural stones, pavers are a perfect choice for driveways, patios walkways, garden areas and pool decks. Using pavers to enhance the beauty and function of your landscape provides a unique look to any space. Whether you like a uniform appearance for your front walkway or a more natural, rugged look for a garden pathway, pavestone will last the test of time.


Updating Your Landscape

When your outdoor decor becomes stale, you need to inject it with a bit of excitement. Not only can you spruce up your backyard with fresh pavers in the patio area, you can also enhance a pol area with pavers to give it a stronger, more textured look that’s best for safety. Got an outdoor kitchen? Use pavestone to create a centerpiece for grilling, parties, campouts and more. Bring out the natural beauty of your summer gathering spots by using pavers than can imitate other stones. For example, a pavestone path designed to look like quaint bricks can be a perfect addition to a backyard garden path and seating area. From cobble stone to flagstone, you can really explore your creative side by complementing anything from water fountains to fire pits.


Selecting the Right Pavestone for Your Space

If you’re unsure of which type of pavestone to select for your Houston home, rely on your professional contractor to advise you. The type you use will depend on what the project is, whether a driveway, walkway, pool area, outdoor kitchen or patio project. Budget, style and climate are all factors as well. Luckily for Houston residents who are used to living with the hot sun, pavers are ideal for this type of climate because they resist fading and cracking from UV rays. You have a variety of color options to choose from as well. Ranging from reds and browns to yellows and tans, pavers are versatile enough to blend with any type of outdoor landscaping you have. Much more affordable than their natural counterparts such as marble, bluestone, travertine, limestone, and granite, pavestone provides a natural texture and slip resistance that’s ideal for surfaces such as those surrounding in-ground pools. Consider pavestone Houston for your next outdoor project and you can easily beautify any outdoor space!