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Why You Should Invest In A Patio Cover

Why You Should Invest In A Patio Cover


Your gorgeous patio is now finished and you love every square inch of it. However, now you have the great debate of whether or not you should have a patio cover installed. The answer to this question is a resounding yes! There are so many awesome benefits that come along with investing in a patio cover and three of them will be discussed here.

Preserves Your Patio

The cost to install your patio was not cheap and it is something that you’d like to keep around for a long time. Repairs to your patio can be costly, and one big reason why you may need repairs is because your patio is constantly being exposed to the elements. A great way to slow down this weathering and deterioration process is to install a patio cover. This patio cover blocks your patio from a lot of the elements that it would otherwise come in contact with regularly, such as rain, snow, sun exposure, etc. This alone can save you a great deal of money in the long run and makes a patio cover an excellent investment.

You Get More Out Of Your Space

When you choose to install a patio cover to go over your patio, you are going to get a lot more out of your space. This is due to the fact that you can use the patio in different weather conditions that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to comfortably. It also makes it much more enjoyable and relaxing to cook, eat, and otherwise entertain outside because of the extra protection it offers.

Increases The Value Of Your Home 

When you invest in a patio cover, you are increasing the overall value of your home. Your patio and patio cover are seen as extended living space, which will help your home to appraise for more. Also, if you did want to sell your home at some point, potential buyers will likely be more interested in your home if you have a gorgeous patio and protective patio cover.

To learn more about why you should invest in a patio cover, visit us today at Allied Outdoor Solutions.


Get Your Pool More Use with a Few New Backyard Additions

Get Your Pool More Use with a Few New Backyard Additions


While raising a family and living in a rental, you may have learned about all the home features that your household wants and needs. If a pool showed up on the list of wants for everyone in your family, you may have made sure to buy a house that came with a pool already installed.

Although your family may enjoy using the pool often, you may also know that the surrounding area is lacking, which can make your pool the only desirable feature in the backyard. This is when you should consider investing in a few new backyard additions to act as outdoor living areas.

Pool Deck Extension

When you have a small pool deck, you may only be comfortable with using the space to get in and out of the water. But, you should consider a pool deck extension in which you expand the paved area so that you can set up a patio furniture set and lounge chairs around the space.

Patio Space

While the pool deck extension will give you a place for your family to sit, relax, eat, and socialize, you may not want all backyard activity to happen around the pool. An easy solution is to build a patio with a solid cover so that you can provide guaranteed shade for your family to enjoy.

To make the pool and patio feel connected, you will have several options such as connecting them with a walkway or building the patio close enough that it blends in with the pool deck.

Fire Pit

To top off the string of backyard additions, you can add a fire pit around the patio or pool. If you want to warm up after leaving the pool, all you will need to do is head to the fire pit. You can add paving throughout the fire pit area to make the space easy to furnish and to reduce fire risk.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about adding these features to your yard.



Old Pool Patio Falling Short? Allied Outdoor Solutions has the Answer

Old Pool Patio Falling Short? Allied Outdoor Solutions has the Answer


The summer season is here. Family and friends are seeking out your outdoor pool and living space as the perfect escape to beat the heat of summer days. The pool is pristine and ready for the season. The furniture is stylish and functional. Unfortunately, it is impossible to ignore the tired look that old and weathered pool patio gives an outdoor space. But how to fix it? Tearing it out and starting from scratch isn’t the only option; it may not even be the best option. It is time to consider an overlay.

With an overlay, it is not necessary to demolish an existing patio to get the refresh it deserves. Allied Outdoor Solutions specializes in a carvestone overlay that will provide the perfect solution to any outdoor living space in need of an upgrade. When installing our carvestone overlay, we use the current patio surface to create the new look and style, as opposed to a time-consuming demolition and replacement. As long as there is a solid foundation, there are multiple types of patio surfaces on which an overlay is an option. These include concrete, pea gravel, cool deck, and brick pool copings.

From the beginning, our consultants are diligent in ensuring compatibility with existing patio surfaces, thus successful application. In the design process, we work to ensure the finished product perfectly complements your outdoor style. Once the project is complete, you can expect a quality patio surface that will last for seasons to come. More than that, our carvestone overlay is more durable and safer than standard concrete patio surfaces. Carvestone surfaces are twice as strong as concrete, with strengths of up to 6,000 PSI. We also take extra measures to ensure our surfaces are more slip resistant. We consider the texture, and also utilize a non-skid agent in our sealer.

It’s time to celebrate the beginning of long, lazy summer days in the perfect outdoor space. We are equipped with the solution for your worn pool patio, and are ready to give it the update it deserves. Contact the professionals at Allied Outdoor Solutions, and get started today!


Why concrete overlay is the right choice?

Why concrete overlay is the right choice?


While a concrete overlay may not always be the correct application, there are many scenarios where it is the perfect choice. A few quick checkpoints which could rule out an overlay.

  • Is your concrete severely cracked? A concrete overlay can often work around some minor cracking but if your concrete has experienced significant movement, it is unlikely to be the right application for you.
  • Does the area you’d like to improve has existing concrete? Because a concrete overlay requires a solid concrete base, it generally makes the most sense when the great majority of the area is already in place. Small areas can be added but if the project requires too much new concrete, an overlay will likely lose its efficiency.
  • Is drainage an issue you are trying to solve? Because an overlay is approximately ¼”, it is not capable of correcting poor drainage.

Now that I have briefly described some of the limitations, let me dig into the benefits:

  • There is no messy tear out. An overlay is like the icing on the cake. If you currently have a high-quality concrete slab, an overlay can generally be applied to the surface in just a few short days. And without the need for heavy equipment, it is often far less invasive to your lawn and landscape.
  • An overlay can often be used without creating trip hazards. In areas where your concrete is adjacent to other surfaces (i.e. drains, skimmer baskets, other hardscapes, door thresholds, coping, etc.) the concrete can be feathered to leave you a surface that is almost flush with your existing elements. The thickness can also help supply a high-end look on patios without enough space to install a traditional hardscape product.
  • You’ll have a large influence on the final product. Unlike manufactured products such as stone or pavers, many overlays actually allow you to select the design and color that best suits your specific, unique space. You can select a pattern that creates a cohesive design flow with the interior of your home while selecting a color which will perfectly complement the landscaping and construction materials already existing in your yard. In most cases, an overlay can allow you to update your space while making it look like it was done at the same time as the rest of your space.
  • Cost savings over traditional options. While overlay products can have substantial variation in price depending on the material itself and your market, they generally present a more cost-effective solution that other hardscape materials. Products like travertine, stone, pavers, decorative concrete and porcelain will almost universally be more expensive. Many times, the savings from selecting an overlay solution can be used to update other areas such as the pool finish, coping, landscape and more.
  • Overlays are generally more repairable than slab options. If something impacts the surface of a concrete slab, it can be extremely difficult to repair without leaving obvious scarring from the repair work. In many cases, an overlay can be re-manipulated so that the space looks whole one again.

Is an overlay the right application for you? If all of the above information marries up with the desire you have for your space, it just might be. Call a local expert and see what they think. One thing I know for sure: you’ll be blow away by some of the options available today. In the 80’s and 90’s you would see plain (boring?) overlay applications such as cool decking. Today, we have hand-crafted, custom stone finishes that will leave you wondering how a cementitious product could be made to look like real stone!





Should I Install Pavers or Stamped Concrete?

We’re often asked the question of “What’s better pavers or stamped concrete?.” The short answer is that “better” is relative. Stamped concrete would be the lower cost decorative option. It can provide a custom look and transform any space almost immediately. There are two major limitations with a decorative concrete application. First, it requires a biennial sealant be applied and, because of this, in the end, some of the cost savings can actually be given back over time. Second, a decorative concrete application is still a slab of concrete and all of the inherent issues in slabs of concrete could create issues as your surface ages. Items like cosmetic cracking, topically applied color, significant cracking caused by outside forces like tree roots and those pesky expansion joints could still be a source of frustration moving forward.

The paver system provides a significant level of improvement at a moderately higher cost. It is an independent, repairable system. Like decorative concrete, there are dozens of choices stylistically to ensure you receive a product that belongs in your space. And while no installation is maintenance free, the paver system, generally speaking, is a much more durable, longer-lasting application. Instead of being placed on compacted dirt as is true in concrete applications, the proper paver system consists of 4-6” of stabilized cementicious material along with a layer of bedding sand. Instead of grout as is typically used in tile and stone applications, a paver system is installed with polymeric sand. This product allows for more flexion and less cracking than is standard in a cement-based mortar product. Another difference is the color. The color is baked into the paver and, because the initial look of a paver is more weathered to begin with, the paver is likely to age more gracefully than any competing decorative concrete products.

So, back to the original question….Which is better? It’s not a fair fight as a paver is truly the most durable solution on the market. If short-term money and a quick fix are the chief concerns, a stamped concrete application may make the most sense. Under nearly every other circumstance, go with a paver.



Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Area

Creating the Perfect Outdoor Living Area

If you watch many shows on HGTV or DIY Network, you have probably spent a fair amount of time with mouth agape at some of the incredible outdoor living areas that are created. But you don’t have to just dream about an outdoor living space. Living in Texas and Arizona, we are in the perfect climate to enjoy an outdoor living space year-round. And at Allied Outdoor Solutions, we know how to help you create the perfect outdoor living space for you. Here are a few things to address throughout the process.

  1. What features do you want? An outdoor living space can be anywhere from simple to elaborate. It all depends on how you plan on using the space. The outdoor living division at Allied Outdoor Solutions can complete any project you can think of, from outdoor kitchens to water features. So ask yourself and your family, “What features do we want to be a part of our outdoor living space?” Custom pergolas and patios, kitchens, water features, and fire features are all options.
  2. What surface do you prefer? At Allied Outdoor Solutions we specialize in many kinds of surfaces, all of which could look stunning at your home. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer pavers, concrete, wood decking, or carvestone. We can resurface an existing surface or create something free-standing. Really, the sky is the limit.

So stop just dreaming about your outdoor living space. Now is the perfect time to contact Allied Outdoor Solutions to start planning your outside oasis. Contact us today for more information.


Update Your Pool With A Pool Deck Overlay

Updating the interior of your home may seem more pressing than updating the exterior. New appliances and fixtures are an obvious place to start when updating. But the exterior of your home needs some TLC too, especially if you have a pool. A pool deck overlay is an excellent way to give the exterior of your home a more modern look. Having a pool is a luxury, but you want your pool deck to be luxurious too— not just plain, boring concrete.

There are a number of ways we can help you customize your pool deck at Allied Outdoor Solutions. We serve many areas of Texas and Arizona. So if your pool deck needs an update and you are in Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, or San Antonio, one of our locations will be happy to help you.

The great thing about updating your pool deck is we don’t have to tear out your existing pool deck. That would be expensive and messy. We can just do an overlay, either with carvestone or concrete. Whether you want to expand the area you have paved, or just give your current deck a facelift, we will leave your yard looking more beautiful than you could have imagined. Allied Outdoor Solutions does stamped concrete using dozens of stamps and rich, beautiful colors. And our carvestone overlay method is a gorgeous way of getting the appearance of natural stone without the expense and the slippery nature of stone.

Contact us at Allied Outdoor Solutions today and we can start dreaming together about an improved pool deck overlay to update the exterior of your home.



Allied Outdoor Solutions Pool DeckAllied Outdoor Solutions Houston Texas Concrete Overlay Patio and Pool Deck


Allied Outdoor Solutions Pool Deck

Allied Outdoor Solutions Pool Deck


Allied Outdoor Solutions Pool Deck

“There is nothing I enjoy more than bringing our design and production teams together to give our customers the backyard they never thought they’d get. Though we look forward to expanding our pool construction division into all of our other markets in the very near future, we are currently focusing our energies on serving our Houston, Austin and San Antonio markets.”
– Jordan Winar, Director of Sales


When thinking through all of the design and functional elements, it is important to know your options. Here are a few questions to ponder:

  • How will our pool be used? Will it be for exercise or leisure?
  • What is more important: the aesthetics or the functionality of our plaster and water line tile?
  • Do we want my coping to match my decking?
  • How long should we expect my pool deck to last?
  • Do we want a hot tub?
  • How much of an impact will a pool and water features have on our electricity bill?
  • Are there alternatives to salt or chlorine?
  • Do we want a shade structure, summer kitchen or fire feature?

Our Process

Design Planning

  • Measuring, quoting and discovering the perfect design
  • Choosing your builder
  • Finalizing drawings/renderings, securing permits and organizing the schedule for e cient execution

Estimated minimum time-frame: 2 months*

* Project length can vary greatly depending on elements chosen during the design phase. There will be days where no work is done as it can be difficult to achieve efficient scheduling with so many unique, skilled crews.


  • Dig – estimated 5 days
  • Plumbing – estimated 2 days
  • Steel – estimated 2 days
  • Electrical – estimated 2 days
  • Gunite – 1 day, but curing for a minimum of +1 day
  • Equipment installation – estimated 2 days
  • Coping – estimated 3 days
  • Tile – estimated 3 days
  • Decking – estimated 5 days
  • Structures – estimated 5-10 days subject to size
  • Fencing – estimated 5 days
  • Plaster – estimated 2 days
  • Filling the pool – estimated 2 days

After the Build

Allied Outdoor Solutions will manage the early stages of the health of the pool. For the first 30 days, we will handle all maintenance and chemicals. After this period, we will hold a “pool school” during which we will teach you everything you need to know for pool owner success — everything from how to manage chemicals to how to heat your spa.

The “pool school” will cover:

  • Chemicals
  • Weekly care
  • Electric safety
  • Trusted service companies

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the initial consultation and estimate free?


Do you offer financing?

Yes, through a lender specializing in construction loans for swimming pools.

How long does it take for me to get my proposal?

Our goal is to get you pricing at the completion of the initial visit. Due to the complexity of certain projects, though, it can sometimes take a few days to get you accurate pricing. Typically, pricing and drawings will be back to you within a week.

Do your standards of construction comply with what my city/HOA requires?

Yes. We maintain general liability insurance and even workers comp (not required in Texas) to make sure you are covered. We handle the gathering of all required permitting, scheduling of any inspections and the entire HOA application process as well. Our goal is to make this a much simpler process than you anticipate.

What types of plaster do you use?

We typically install Diamond Brite but can also install Quartzscape, Wet Edge or Pebble Tec.

Plaster can either blend into the background or become the major state- ment of the pool area. There are many things to think through when selecting your plaster. Will a darker color make the pool too warm? Could the texture be too rough for swimwear? What is the warranty? Will the color fade over time? We’re here to help you with these questions.

What decking options are available?

There are several different materials that can be used for the pool deck. Durability, aesthetics and temperature should all be considered when making this important decision. Whether it is our Carvestone overlay, stamped concrete, natural stone, travertine or pavers, you can rest easy knowing Allied will select the correct decking for you.

How long before I can swim in my pool?

Project length can vary greatly depending on elements chosen during the design phase and the weather. There will be days where no work is done as it can be di cult to achieve e cient scheduling with so many unique, skilled crews.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. Many elements of the pool will have various warranties associated with them. We will provide each of those to you as you make your selections.

What happens after construction is complete?

Allied Outdoor Solutions will manage the early stages of the health of the pool. For the rst 30 days, we will handle all maintenance and chemicals. After this period, we will hold a “pool school” during which we will teach you everything you need to know for pool owner success — everything from how to manage chemicals to how to heat your spa.

The “pool school” will cover:

  • Chemicals
  • Weekly care
  • Electric safety
  • Trusted service companies