With All Of The Reasons To Choose Carvestone, It’s Obvious Why It’s The Best Concrete Overlay

The Carvestone concrete overlay from Allied Outdoor Solutions gives homeowners in the Houston area an unmatched level of protection for their exterior concrete surfaces. With Carvestone, you’ll have a surface that is twice as strong as plain concrete, with a 5800 PSI rating. Carvestone is much stronger than stamped concrete when it comes to offering protection for the elements because stamped concrete’s PSI rating only reaches 3500.

The Allied Outdoor Solutions team will install the Carvestone concrete overlay by hand, each and every step. This ensures that not only will the work be done by highly qualified technicians that have successfully completed many Carvestone projects but that we’ll be able to tailor the project specifically for you. Each homeowner we work with is able to create a custom look for their Carvestone concrete overlay, something that isn’t possible with other types of concrete coatings Houston residents often use. In addition, with Carvestone, you get a real stone look that is so authentic that most people won’t know the difference.

People will assume that you paid the expensive prices associated with installing real stone rather than the affordable costs of installing Carvestone. There are other benefits with Carvestone as well. The work is done with no messy tear outs, so it won’t be disruptive. And when it’s used for pool deck resurfacing, not only will it have the aforementioned protection and enhanced look,  it will also have a less slippery surface, making it safer than other methods.


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