When Choosing Carvestone Instead of Flagstone Houston Homeowners Enjoy Additional Benefits

Carvestone concrete coating from Allied Outdoor Solutions has proven to be an alternative to Flagstone Houston homeowners are choosing due to the additional benefits it provides. Carvestone is similar to flagstone in many ways and allows you to achieve that real stone look in areas around your home without having to pay the prices that are associated with the installation of real stone. Carvestone was developed in Europe for use in restoring old buildings but has found another popular use among Houston homeowners.

The Carvestone concrete overlay is customized to meet the specifications of each homeowner, so when Allied Outdoor Solutions installs the Carvestone in your home, you can be sure the finished product will be completely unique. We work with the homeowners to create the custom design and because we do the installation by hand, we’re able to carefully maintain the wishes of the homeowner throughout the entire process. The Allied Outdoor Solutions crew will install the Carvestone in your home with no messy tear outs, which is a relief to homeowners that have had to suffer through home improvement projects that have required them to rearrange their entire lives.

The protection Carvestone provides to your exterior concrete surfaces is much better than other concrete overlay projects like stamped concrete and flagstone Houston homeowners have used in the past. With a 5800 PSI rating, Carvestone nearly doubles the strength of uncoated concrete. As a result, your Carvestone surface will look like new for several years after installation.

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