What Do I Need to Know About Concrete Coating a Houston Home?

[Posted on February 19th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Homeowners have used concrete for years to floor home interiors, garage floors, pool areas, and driveways. Concrete is used because it is durable and economical. It is not as prone to damage like wood surfaces and other flooring materials. However, unless you protect it, over time it can show wear and tear. This often leads people to consider concrete coating a Houston home.

What Is Concrete Coating?

You should know that a protective concrete coating in Houston will help you to maintain your concrete in your home. A coating will make your concrete stronger and more resistant to water, stains, and other troubles that can, over time, damage your concrete and make it look bad. Often this protective coating is made with epoxy but manufacturers are striving to make it easier to apply, faster to cure, and decorative. If your concrete is badly damaged you may need a resurfacing that contains a mixture of cement and high-performance polymers.

Does Your Concrete Need a Coating?

Concrete can benefit from an extra layer of protection because it is naturally porous. This is especially true if your concrete slab is going to be in a high traffic area or exposed to harsh chemicals or excess amounts of water. While the Houston area receives more sun than rain, there are many areas around the home that can benefit from concrete coating, such as pool areas and kitchens. If vehicles are often stored in the garage or driveway, a concrete coating can act as much needed reinforcement.

Concrete coatings also come in a variety of colors suited to fit the design of any household interior or exterior. This can bring life into your backyard or any room and its interior design. A concrete coating can even add shine and style to a simple grey slab. The shine will stay visible for years to come.

Is It Difficult to Coat Concrete?

No. Local experts in the concrete industry are standing by ready to answer your questions and match the concrete coating to the design of your home. Houston professionals are trained in installation and coating concrete to the exact specifications of the homeowner. Having your concrete coated by a professional will ensure the project is completed in a timely manner. It will also ensure that the project is completed correctly the first time. While many home projects can be attempted by the homeowner, coating concrete requires expertise and skill in order to have the surface last for years to come. This is especially true for outdoor areas that are under constant exposure to the elements.

Always be sure that your coating contractor offers warranties and is licensed and ensured by the state of Texas. This will not only protect your project, but it will protect you, the homeowner. Contact your local Houston concrete contractor today in order to receive a quote on your resurfacing project and get started bringing a new design into your home or protecting your current design.