Transform Your Houston Home with a Concrete Resurfacing

[Posted on March 12th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Professional concrete resurfacing in Houston can make a world of difference in your Houston home. Concrete resurfacing is a special process that changes the look, texture or both of your concrete surfaces, giving you an endless supply of options when it comes to flooring. Having your concrete professionally resurfaced is the best way to achieve stunning results that will take your breath away!

How Is Concrete Resurfaced?

Concrete resurfacing in Houston is treating the surface of the concrete to improve its appearance or texture. Concrete that is deeply cracked broken or heaved may not be suitable for concrete resurfacing, so it is important to consult a professional before allowing any work to be done to your concrete surfaces.

The most important step in resurfacing concrete is to prepare the substrate. This involves four steps:

Cleaning the Concrete

In order for concrete to be resurfaced, it must first be cleaned. There can be no residual oil or other substances on the surface of the concrete, so most professionals use pressure washing methods to clean the concrete prior to treatment.

Repairing cracks in the concrete

One of the most critical steps in resurfacing concrete is to repair any cracks that may be present in the surface of the concrete. These cracks can cause serious damage to the new surface, so a compound is usually applied to the cracks to fill them in, followed by an elastomeric basecoat that strengthens the surface of the cracks and helps the top coat to lie evenly over these areas.

Profiling the Concrete

The concrete must next be roughed up slightly to accept the new surface. This must be done uniformly to ensure that the final coat appears smooth or at least equally textured. There are several methods for profiling the concrete; the one used will depend on the final appearance and texture you want with your resurfaced concrete area.

Apply the Resurfacing Agent to the Concrete

There are many resurfacing agents available, and which one your concrete professional chooses will depend on the final outcome you hope to achieve. Resurfacing can be as simple as restoring concrete to its former look or as complex as adding a decorative overlay in various colors and patterns. A few possibilities for finishing the concrete are:

Coloring the concrete. Adding color to concrete is relatively easy and can result in beautiful floors, patios and other areas. Color can be added to the concrete when it is poured or existing concrete can be given a top layer of color.

Stamping the concrete. Stamped concrete can be made to look like almost any surface from brick to natural stone. The stamping process also allows professionals to give your concrete drive or patio a random or linear pattern, depending on your preferences.

Polishing the concrete. Concrete that is used indoors often looks better if it is polished or buffed to a high gloss to mimic the appearance of marble or granite.

You should always utilize the experience of a professional for your concrete resurfacing in order to have your project finished correctly and safely. When you choose professional concrete resurfacing, it will transform your entire home!

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