Top Decorative Concrete Houston Ideas for Your Backyard

[Posted on Jan 02, 2013  by Ashley Aguirre]

A beautifully decorated backyard patio area can provide you with the perfect location for relaxing with the family or outdoor entertaining at home. Many homeowners have the desire to transform their backyard patio area into a unique space, and decorative concrete in Houston can be used as a wonderful foundation. There are several creative ideas you can implement with decorative concrete. These ideas may be implemented individually or together for a more spectacular effect.

Stained Concrete

Concrete Houston can be stained for a romantic, artistic effect. Staining is popular for indoor spaces, and it can be used to add color to your outdoor concrete patio too. Through the use of various staining techniques, the patio may be made to look like natural stone or marble, or you can create a more unique look with a leather or wood technique. There are many color options available to choose from, and these include different shades of brown and tan, terra cotta, green, purple, blue, red, orange and yellow. Keep in mind that staining is typically permanent, so take time to choose the color of your stain wisely.

Stamped Concrete

Stamping concrete is a way to add texture to the concrete surface. This is a method that involves molding or shaping freshly poured concrete into a pattern or design. Through the use of different stamping techniques, concrete in Houston can be made to resemble other materials which may be more costly to install or more difficult to maintain. For example, concrete can be stamped to take on the look of wood, tile, brick, flagstone or other materials. The decorative possibilities that you can achieve when using stamping techniques are limitless; you can create the look of gently worn rock, use a creative hexagonal tile pattern or us other beautiful decorating ideas.

Concrete Overlay

Many backyards already have at least a small, slab patio area, and these may be well-suited for a concrete overlay technique. This is a decorative technique that can be used to conceal any imperfections in the concrete slab while also providing decorative appeal to the space. There are various overlays that can be used with your patio, and they are applied as a coating over the existing patio. The coating provides protection to the underlying concrete. There are several types of overlays that allow you to use techniques like staining, stamping or texturing for a stylish effect.

When trying to decide which of these decorative concrete ideas should be used in your space, it can be helpful to review photos or real-life examples of some of the techniques. After all, it can be difficult to imagine how a worn stone style of concrete stamping may look with a brown stain versus a gray stone. Also, keep in mind that many techniques can be used simultaneously. For example, staining and stamping can be implemented together for beautiful results.

However, you don’t have to feel limited to the use of one type of stain or stamp. One great idea that you can consider is to use a tile stamp inside the main area of your patio, and a brick stamp may be used to outline the exterior of the patio. This gives the look of multiple materials used in the patio’s construction. You can explore more ideas online, visit a concrete Houston showroom or talk to a concrete patio designer for more ideas.