Tips for Finding Professional Patio Pavers in Houston TX

[Posted on April 7th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Giving your home a new lease on life with the incorporation of beautiful pavers around the landscape will certainly do wonders for your curb appeal. However, how do you go about hiring reputable professionals that will do a great job? Selecting companies like Houston Pavers in Houston, TX, who have extensive experience in the field, is key when it comes to ensuring your peace of mind.

A Bit about Pavers

If you’re looking to pavers to provide a new look for your home and its surroundings, you’ve made a great choice. Known for their aesthetics, durability and versatility, pavers in Houston, TX come in many different materials such as stone, slate and concrete. They achieve many looks through their depth and character, with the ability to mimic more expensive natural stones. Perfect for driveways, patios walkways and pool decks, it’s no wonder so many Houston families are choosing pavers for their landscape needs. Because of their inherent nature and the unique look they create, it’s important to have pavers professionally installed for a uniform appearance that will last the test of time.

Putting Your Trust in a Professional

You may think you can tackle a paver job if you’re a handy DIYer. This may be true in other types of projects, but the installation of pavers, especially when it involves intricate geometric patterns, is best left up to the pros. Let Houston Pavers handle this project, as they have the experience and know-how to ensure the pavers are set correctly and won’t shift in the years to come. They also know where they can safely dig so as not to hit any utility lines. They do the proper excavation and grading work if necessary, plus the actual installation takes a steady hand and knowledge of how concrete sets. You only get one chance with concrete to get it right and paving professionals can handle all aspects of the process, from placing mesh to block weeds, to marking the area with a suitable design, to laying the pavers on sturdy concrete slabs. The result is a clean, uniform look that shows the mark of a professional.

The difference is in the details. Houston Pavers is backed by nearly 25 years experience in expert craftsmanship, time-tested methods, business integrity, custom design work and commitment to exceptional value.

Professional Advice

Choosing a professional paving company means you get access to valuable advice when it comes to selecting the right pavers for your home. There’s such a large assortment of shapes, sizes, designs and colors to choose from that it can feel overwhelming. Get direct guidance as to which paver works best for your driveway, pathway or patio. Textured pavers with slip-resistant qualities are best for a pool area, while a smoother look is best for a driveway. Garden pathways may call for a quaint, cobblestone look, while a pathway to your back door may look best with weathered bricks. You can select the color and shade you want, as well as the thickness and size. You’re not just restricted to traditional rectangles or squares. These days, pavers come in circular and other geometric designs that can achieve virtually any look you want, mimicking anything from travertine and marble to bluestone and granite.

Enlist the help of a Houston Pavers professional today to enhance your home’s outdoor appeal.