The Tops Uses for Concrete in Austin Area Homes

[Posted on August 20th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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One of the most popular current trends in landscaping and home care is the use of concrete. Concrete is multi-faceted, because it is not only incredibly durable, but also stylish, modern, and diverse. Concrete in Austin is very clean and classy looking, but also humble and rustic. It is easy to maintain, in addition to being weatherproof. There are a variety of different applications that homeowners can use concrete for in their homes; in recent years people have taken to beautifying their concrete with professional coatings, paintings, and stonework.


This may be the most well-known application of concrete in Austin. Pool sides are the perfect place to get creative with concrete, whether this means including multiple levels and patios, or intricate stonework to give the pool side a dynamic aspect. If you are fond of the simplicity and modernity of concrete, a pool side can be the focal point of your home, and draw attention to this pure, yet striking medium.

Patio Decks

As Austin receives numerous sunny days throughout the year, many Texas residents will find themselves on their back or front patios enjoying the weather. A concrete patio or deck is an appealing way to soak up the sun on ones porch. As concrete is able to withstand extreme weather, it will not warp or discolor even when exposed to intense heat or sunlight. As many Texas residents will use their patios as areas to welcome or entertain guests, many will turn to concrete in order to provide durable, aesthetic properties to their patios.


Driveways are a fantastic place for a homeowner to utilize concrete, as concrete is resilient and able to withstand the weight of multiple vehicles. One of the biggest home fashion trends is stonework driveways, which give your car a beautiful bed to lie on, and welcome visitors to your home with artistic durability. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression, so if there’s one place to utilize artistic concrete, it should be in the first thing a visitor sees: your driveway.

Furthermore, retaining walls around your driveway look beautiful with artistic concrete as well.


Walkways are a great place to utilize concrete because they receive so much use by you and your guests. They are also much simpler to apply than a poolside or a driveway. Stonework looks magnificent here, as well, as it gives the feeling of walking through nature. The overlay can even be designed to match the theme of your home or garden.

Concrete walkways look especially beautiful if they cut through your lawn, thus allowing dialogue between the natural and artificial components of your home.

Concrete offers so many different opportunities to be creative, be it in how you apply the concrete, or in how you decorate it. There are numerous other applications for concrete around your home, but these are great ideas to help get you started if you’re interested in incorporating concrete into your house.

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