The Top Reasons for a Concrete Overlay in Houston

[Posted on December 3rd, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Decorative concrete is becoming a top choice of builders as people start to appreciate the color and design options. The ideal solution for aging concrete that’s looking tired is a concrete overlay in Houston can add style and beauty to any area. Here are a few of the benefits of using this luxurious option for home improvement throughout the property.

Mimic Any Wonderful Look

A concrete overlay in Houston can be stamped and formed to mimic almost any look. They can be made to resemble a cobblestone street, natural stones, luxurious pavers or geometric designs. With the ability to form realistic designs and patterns, customers love having the option of truly customizing their areas to give their home a look that’s worthy of magazine covers.

Appropriate for Any Area

Concrete overlays can be polished and colored to make them worthy of interior applications, including foyers, basements and garages. They can also be used throughout the exterior of a home. Consider how the look of a cobblestone driveway can increase a home’s curb appeal. Take the movement of water in the pool up onto the deck with elegant patterns on the pool surround. Concrete overlays are also commonly chosen for patios and walkways in the outdoor living areas.

Applied Over Existing Structures

Overlays are applied over existing concrete structures to change the look without going through the hassle of tearing out old concrete. They’re cleaner to install, faster and more convenient than having a new surface poured from the ground up. This makes them a great choice for driveways that are slightly damaged or patios that just need a new look.

Tried and Proven

Overlays have already passed the test of time because they’ve been in use for more than three decades. They’re surprisingly strong and very durable. They’re the ideal choice even for high traffic areas and driveways. Available in several forms, they come in thin resurfacers, stamp mixes, self-levelers and Microtops. Each one is used in specific applications based on the customer’s needs, but they’re all proven to be highly effective and durable.


Concrete overlays are currently made using a blend of polymer resins, concrete, sand and other additives. Another great benefit of this option is that it’s extremely resistant to damage. They’re proven to withstand UV exposure, freezing and thawing conditions, salt, abrasions and chemicals. This makes them a top choice for busy areas, commercial applications and homeowners who want the most durable options.

The Cost-Effective Option

When people want a decorative finish like natural stone or beautiful patterns, concrete overlays are the most cost-effective choice. They take a fraction of the labor, and the materials are minimized by using an overlay rather than pouring a new foundation. This makes them the top choice for updating concrete that is damaged or just dated.

When it’s time to make some changes around the home, people are encouraged to take a closer look at concrete overlays. This durable and attractive option is also cost-efficient. It can handle heavy traffic, and it adds visual style and appeal to any area. It’s faster and cleaner than a full replacement, and homeowners will be rewarded with a custom finish that suits their needs while exceeding their expectations.

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