The Safest Pool Decks Houston Homeowners Can Have Come From Carvestone

Any Houston homeowners fortunate enough to have a pool appreciate the benefits it offers. Having a pool provides a refreshing escape from the hot and humid summer climate Houston is known for. It can also really increase the overall value of the home. It should be noted that maintenance of the pool side area is an essential aspect of maintaining the value of a pool.

This is both because of the unappealing look of an unkempt pool deck and because when these areas are in need of repair, they present a safety hazard for your family. Carvestone is now the method for protecting pool decks Houston homeowners are picking over the alternatives. In the Houston area, Allied Outdoor Solutions is able to install the Carvestone concrete overlay to any exterior concrete surface, including driveways, patios and pool decks.

Our crews have completed over 2000 Carvestone projects, many of which still look new a decade after installation. We do every installation by hand and we’re able to do all of the work with no messy tear outs. This comes as a relief to any homeowners that have had to deal with other types of home improvement projects. Our hand installation allows us to create a special texture for pool decks Houston pool owners appreciate because it reduces how slippery the surface gets when wet, making it safer. We help each homeowner come up with a one of a kind design for their Carvestone project, so each one is a unique and matches the home where it’s being installed.

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