The Protection To Pool Decks Houston Homeowners Get From Carvestone Is Unmatched

Carvestone is now considered the best method of protecting pool decks Houston homeowners can choose for a number of reasons. Carvestone is superior to other methods of concrete coating for other areas around the outside of the home, such as driveways, walkways and patios but it’s especially great for pool deck resurfacing. This is because the team at Allied Outdoor Solutions installs every Carvestone concrete overlay by hand, as we’ve done with the over 2000 Carvestone projects we’ve conducted.

The hand installation process allows us to create a special texture on the Carvestone surface for pool deck resurfacing. This hand texturing results in a surface that is much less slippery when it’s wet compared to plain concrete or other methods of concrete coating. This custom surface creates safer pool decks Houston homeowners appreciate, especially those with young children who know the dangers of slippery pool decks.

When you choose Allied Outdoor Solutions to install Carvestone for your pool deck resurfacing or for any of the areas around your home, you’ll can be sure we won’t be disrupting your home life. Our installations are done with no messy tear outs, so unlike most home improvement projects, we don’t turn your world upside down. Carvestone installations by Allied Outdoor Solutions are done efficiently and quickly. You’ll have a finished product that has been custom designed for your specific home and the overall value of your home will be increased because not only will it look great but the Carvestone concrete coating will last for years.


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