The Concrete Coating For Driveways Houston Homeowners Prefer Is Carvestone

Carvestone is now the leading type of concrete overlay for driveways Houston homeowners are choosing because of both the long term protection it provides but also the visual enhancement it creates which leads to a higher level of curb appeal. Driveways can be an area of the home that doesn’t receive a lot of attention because it’s simply seen as a place to park your vehicles. The truth is, an ugly, damaged driveway will stick out like a sore thumb and really bring down the overall look of your home.

On the flip side, a driveway that is beautifully decorated and designed can make your home stand out even more than it might otherwise among the others in your neighborhood. This is why so many residents are choosing Carvestone by Allied Outdoor Solutions as a concrete coating for their driveway. The protection is clearly important, especially because it’ll be supporting the weight of heavy vehicles and Carvestone’s 5800 PSI rating is double that of un-coated concrete.

But it’s Allied Outdoor Solutions ability to create a customized design for each Carvestone project based on the existing look of the home and the desires of the homeowners themselves that really place Carvestone in a whole other category when comparing it to other kinds of protecting driveways Houston residents utilize. We’ll present you with a few different choices and modified them as needed to meet your preferences before doing the installation by hand, with no messy tear outs. The finished product will leave you with a driveway that is truly one of a kind.


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