Get the Most Out of Summer with Pool Deck Resurfacing

[Posted on August 6th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Nothing says summer fun like a well-maintained and attractive backyard pool. While it is critical that the pool itself look beautiful and inviting, the deck surrounding the pool is equally important. For a pool deck that has lost its appeal, resurfacing is a simple way to improve the appearance of the pool and surrounding area. Pool deck resurfacing is a much easier than completely tearing out and replacing an entire concrete pad. Instead of the mess and destruction involved with a complete overhaul, the resurfacing process adds a fresh, new layer to the top of an existing surface. Here are some great reasons to look into resurfacing a residential pool deck.

Enhanced Appearance

Most pools are located in the backyard out of sight of neighbors and passersby, but that is no excuse for having an old, outdated pool deck. Pool deck resurfacing not only improves the pool area but can make an entire property look refreshed and renewed. A new pool deck can be a necessity for a home that has been repainted or re-sided. Selecting new siding that differs significantly from the original colors and materials used on a home can make the pool deck that was originally installed look mismatched and outdated, while a resurfaced pool deck can make the entire backyard blend seamlessly with the new, improved exterior of the home. Resurfacing not only makes a pool deck look brand-new, it might make a pool look even better than when it was first constructed. The newly applied surface can be embellished with all the features used to decorate other types of concrete surfaces, including stamping, coloring, staining and addition of texture. After resurfacing, the new surface can also be sealed to ensure that it will look great for summers to come.

Outdoor Entertaining

A backyard pool is not only a place for swimming; the pool is often the center of the entire backyard. Even people who don’t like to swim enjoy being able to relax by the pool, and vigilant parents need a comfortable place to sit while supervising their little swimmers. A newly resurfaced pool deck means a great spot for outdoor living and can create a space for tables, chairs, benches and decorative accents around the pool. A smooth, intact pool deck surface is also easy to sweep and keep clean.

Improved Poolside Safety

While pools are great for summer fun in the sun, owning a pool can be a liability if care is not taken to maintain the pool and surrounding areas. An aging pool deck that becomes slippery and does not provide adequate traction can lead to dangerous falls. Cracked and broken concrete, broken pavers and loose stones can also lead to falls as well as cuts and other injuries to bare feet. Some concrete surfaces even get hot enough in direct sunlight to burn feet or other exposed skin. It is the responsibility of every pool owner to maintain the deck of a backyard pool for the safety of the people who use the pool. A new surface can improve the safety of a pool deck, leading to days of summer fun instead of injuries.

If your pool deck is looking worn, outdated or unattractive, resurfacing could be the solution to making your pool a great place to host family, friends and guests this summer. Take the time to find out your options for pool deck resurfacing before the sunny days of summer draw to a close.

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