Strengthen Your Houston Home with Help from Paving

[Posted on October 7th , 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Paving in Houston is a great way to not only increase your home’s value but also to increase its ability to handle everyday stress on outdoor surfaces. Too often we think only of the inside of the home in terms of using quality materials, but your hardscape also deserves consideration. Houston Pavers has a wide variety of paving materials from which homeowners can choose to create beautiful outdoor areas that are resistant to common stresses.

Why Pavers?

Paving in Houston is low-maintenance. They provide great strength and durability and eliminate the cost and aggravation of resurfacing every few years. With the right paver system, your driveway, patio or other outdoor area can last for decades and provide beautiful, worry-free service to family and friends.

Pavers consist of small units that are very strong. These units are placed together to form a uniform surface that looks like a single piece. However, the individual units absorb stress from the ground, making it far less likely that the surface will crack the way concrete can.

Pavers are also rated for less than five percent absorption. This is lower than both asphalt and poured concrete and can make a big difference when dealing with water, oil and salt. All of these substances can substantially lower the life of the average driveway or patio, but pavers are much less likely to be affected by the due to their low absorption rate.

Inch for inch, pavers offer much more support and are much stronger than other surfacing materials such as concrete. Vehicle weight, for example, can slowly wear away at asphalt or concrete, but pavers can stand up to this stress easily because they spread the force over so many individual units.

Pavers Also Provide Beautiful Appearance

Pavers do not only provide great strength and resiliency but also provide a beautiful look. Pavers come in a variety of colors, for example, so homeowners can create a unique appearance with their paver choices. Good installers can create geometric designs and other configurations to make pavers eye-catching and to add instant curb appeal to the home.

The unique shapes of pavers also allow for interesting patterns to be developed that add great visible punch to a home’s exterior. The relatively large areas generally covered by pavers allow a homeowner to use plenty of imagination and creativity in making an outdoor statement. By combining pavers of different shapes and sizes, almost any pattern can be created that addresses the homeowner’s personal taste and style.

The texture of pavers also adds to the visual interest they generate. Combining different types of textures not only allows designers to create a unique pattern but can also serve practical purposes, such as placing smooth pavers in areas where quick drainage is needed and rough pavers in areas where more traction is needed.

Pavers allow homeowners to combine color, texture and shape to create a beautiful and durable outdoor space. However, Houston Pavers does not expect homeowners to do all of this alone. Professional designers work with customers to create beautiful configurations and choose designs that complement a home’s décor and architecture.