Stamped Concrete Lasts Only A Fraction Of The Time Compared To Carvestone

Protecting exterior concrete surfaces is something that is very important to people that own homes in Houston and surrounding areas. The extreme heat and humidity in the summer months alone often result in even recently installed concrete surfaces showing wear and tear. For years, the most common method used was stamped concrete as it seemingly provided protection at a reasonable cost.

As it turns out, unfortunately, the protection offered from stamped concrete usually only lasts a few years, meaning any perceived value is erased when repair or replacement of the stamped concrete is needed. For long term protection of exterior concrete surfaces, including driveways, walkways, patios and pool decks, more and more Houston homeowners are choosing Carvestone from Allied Outdoor Solutions. The Carvestone concrete overlay includes real quarried limestone which gives it a real stone look without that real stone price. In fact, it looks so much like real stone that most people are unable to tell the difference.

Because Carvestone boasts a 5800 PSI rating, it’s much stronger than stamped concrete, which has a PSI rating of only 3500. This is why years after stamped concrete begins to show its age, Carvestone surfaces still look brand new. We’ve got Carvestone projects that look new a decade after installation. In that same period of time, you’ll have had to install stamped concrete a few times, which is both expensive and not very practical. When we install Carvestone concrete coating, we do so by hand so you know it’s high quality work.