Spice up Your Houston Patio with Decorative Concrete

[Posted on June 17th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Go from dull to dapper in no time when you replace your old boring, cracked concrete with new decorative concrete for your Houston patio that really makes a statement. Increase your home’s value while boosting the curb appeal of your yard when you install brand new concrete designs for your patio in the back yard. Use it to surround your pool or just as a nice area to place your patio furniture an a grill. Add a quaint walkway from your back door to your patio and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, long-lasting outdoor oasis. Hire the professionals at Allied Outdoor Solutions to ensure a solid job, as installation takes a certain level of skill, precision and attention to detail that you can’t always get on a DIY level.

Make a Unique Statement with Decorative Concrete

If your current patio is cracked and fading, with chips and missing chunks punctuated by weeds poking through, you’re long overdue for a makeover. Decorative concrete in Houston is built to last and can resist even its harshest critic–the sun. Concrete is not only resilient and durable but it’s also versatile and can be stained virtually any color to match your outdoor decor. You can even stamp it in any pattern you want to reflect your personal style.

Made to mimic the look and feel of natural stone–like cobblestone–yet without the high price tag, decorative concrete features a natural texture, which comes in handy around wet pool areas thanks to its innate slip resistance. Concrete is also extremely long-lasting, with a life span of up to 50 years when properly cared for.

Turn up the Heat

Spicing up your patio involves a plan of attack, a design in mind and professionals who have been in the concrete business for many decades. Your professional will often work with you through every phase to ensure the design is exactly as you like. Turn a boring backyard into something fresh and bold with a circular geometric pattern that serves as the focal point of your patio set. Match the color of your concrete with your home and shed, for instance, pulling in complementary tones to offer a splash of texture. Better Homes and Gardens suggests choosing a hue that’s just a little bit darker than you want just in case it fades slightly from the sun over the years.

Terrific Texture

When you’re looking for slip-resistant texture that also adds an aesthetic element to your backyard, consider stamped decorative concrete. These are essentially molds comprised of rubber or polyurethane featuring endless patterns to choose from. Go for a stone or slate look for elegance, or a cobblestone or flagstone look for a more natural, country look. Decorative overlays add another layer of depth to any patio through dying, staining, stenciling and scoring the surface. Add a bold splash of color in multi-toned effects achieved through an intricate layering process.

Choosing a pattern and color may be the hardest part about incorporating a decorative concrete patio in your Houston backyard. Let your concrete professional handle all the rest. The end result will have your backyard as the envy of the neighborhood!