Simple Ways To Tell if You Need New Concrete in Austin

[Posted on April 22nd, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Few things are more pleasing for a homeowner than some beautiful concrete around the house. There isn’t much that adds to the general aesthetic of a home as much as concrete does. This is especially true for concrete in Austin, where the heat drives people out of the house, and onto their concrete surfaces, with great regularity. But how do you know if you need concrete, or if you need new concrete? Here are some of the benefits of including concrete in your home, some tips on knowing when to have existing concrete replaced or repaired, and what steps to take when you decide it’s time for some concrete.

Why choose concrete?

There are many practical benefits to concrete in Austin, specifically; chief among them is the durability and strength of the material. But concrete is far more than just a strong and reliable resource; it is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing materials that currently exists. Few things are more attractive then a glorious concrete patio or terrace.  A concrete pool and accompanying pool deck is a true joy, while a driveway can welcome you home with immaculate concrete, and a walkway can be just the perfect touch to finish the aesthetic of your home.

Concrete is also incredibly versatile. When done correctly it can be extremely eye-catching, svelte, wildly modern, luxurious, or plain and simple if that’s what you desire. When it comes to the area outside of your home, there’s really nothing that concrete can’t improve. The options are endless, meaning that if you use concrete correctly, it can take you one step closer to your dream home.

When should you replace or repair concrete?

If you already have concrete in your home, you know how dynamic, versatile, and appealing it can be.  But while it is one of the most dependable and resilient materials available, concrete is not invincible.  Over time, concrete can begin to wear, and eventually it needs to be either repaired, or replaced.  But when do you know when that time is? There are two main visual signs. One of the first red flags is when your existing concrete begins to become discolored, or show stains.

If you want a simple repair, you can either stain it again, paint it, or you can simply put a thin layer of concrete on top of it. If there are cracks; cracks can be extremely detrimental, because they can spread, and cause serious damage to your concrete if liquid freezes inside of them (because it expands, and thus forces the crack to do so as well). Small cracks can be easily repaired, but larger ones may mean it’s time to replace your concrete.

What should you do when you need new concrete?

It’s important with concrete to always hire a professional. It may seem like a fun do-it-yourself project on the surface, but it’s just not a good idea, and often quite difficult. Not only will it take you a very long time to do your own concrete, but it’s a material that is very noticeable if done imperfectly. Because of how beautiful concrete can be, you want to make sure that it’s done well, which requires hiring someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

With these tips, you can know everything you need to about outfitting your home with concrete.