Revitalize Your Houston Home with Decorative Concrete

[Posted on July 8th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre Teekell]

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Many homes were built decades before their owners bought them. As a result, the style may be a little outdated, the luster may have faded, and while these houses haven’t fallen into disrepair, they are in sore need of a facelift. Landscaping can be a fun and relaxing way to spruce up a house, but a stunning garden in front of a shabby home will only make the contrast more striking. Luckily there are ways to revitalize homes: Houston decorative concrete.


Beyond the Bland: Staining Concrete

Decorating with concrete might sound like a surefire way to go from drab to drabber, conjuring up images of flat, boring expanses of grey, but with all the options available to homeowners today that just isn’t the case. There’s no reason to pour one big slab of bland, matte grey concrete and call it done. Modern Houston decorative concrete designs allow for homeowners to express their personality with specially stained concrete. With stained concrete you can enjoy all the aesthetic appeal of a gorgeous wooden patio, its rich red or brown colors and rippling stripes, with all the structural benefits of a concrete patio, like its durability and resistance to rot. Or you could use stained concrete pavers to create a patterned entryway or deck with a touch of whimsy.


You can either pour new concrete and add color before it cures, or stain old concrete to express your personal style (and help protect it from the elements). You can even use acrylic paint to add a fun pattern on top of stained concrete. This fun DIY can be as simple or elaborate as you desire, and is sure to create a unique look that your neighbors will envy.


Pressing Your Advantage: Pressing and Stamping Concrete

The fun doesn’t stop with staining! To get the look you want for your deck, patio, or garden, you can always play around with stamping and pressing patterns into the concrete. This only works with fresh concrete, but if done on a small scale can be a fun DIY project for the summer. This process works by pressing a pattern (it could be a large leaf or an embossed brick or even a lacy doily) into freshly poured concrete, and then allowing the concrete to cure in the desired shape.


You can do this on any scale—for your first try, start with stamped concrete stepping stones. Try pressing a fancy Celtic knot into the concrete, or using several dainty leaves. You may have to exaggerate the leafy pattern with a wooden skewer if you want them to be more readily apparent when the concrete is cured. If you’re thinking of doing this on a larger scale, it might be best to call a decorative concrete company who can make sure the results are up to snuff. Stamping your favorite pattern into decorative concrete can be a great way to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to an otherwise overlooked accent to your home.


Whether it’s stamped, has a pattern pressed into it, or is stained to maximize its aesthetic appeal, decorative concrete can take any outdoor area from shabby to chic. And it’s far less expensive than decorating with wood or granite, so homeowners can make their home look its best without breaking the bank.