Qualities Shared by Attractive Driveways in Houston

[Posted on September 17th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Driveways in Houston are more than just a strip of pavement that stretches between a street and a house. A home’s driveway is an extension of the home and is responsible for the initial impression that people form when coming to pay a visit. A high-quality driveway welcomes guests, while a dull, damaged or discolored driveway makes a bad first impression, particularly for visitors stopping by for the first time. Below are several qualities common to inviting, eye-catching driveways.

Good Drainage

A first-rate driveway is designed to shed water, not allow it to collect in puddles on the surface. Even a long driveway with several curves and dips should be constructed like a roadway, with a high crown in the middle to allow water to run off easily. Standing water is not only hazardous for walking and driving, it can actually damage the surface of a driveway, especially in areas subject to freeze-thaw activity. Such damage can cause a concrete or asphalt surface to crumble rapidly and significantly shorten the useful life of driveway in Houston.

Functional Driving Surface

As the main pathway for vehicular traffic approaching from the street, a driveway should easily accommodate all size cars and trucks. A place to turn around completely is a must for homes located on a busy street or highway to prevent accidents from attempting to back directly into oncoming traffic. The surface should provide enough contact friction for safe driving and walking in all weather. If the paving product selected does not itself provide a sufficiently textured surface, granules or other surface treatments can be added to increase traction.

Pleasing to the Eye

A driveway doesn’t have to be a boring concrete slab. There are many ways to dress up a driveway, including the addition of coloring, stamped designs and concrete overlays. Poured concrete can be used, or pavers can be laid for a more hand-crafted look. An ornamental carved or stamped medallion design may be used to enhance a parking pad, and decorative borders can set off the entire surface. The colors used may mirror the colors of the home, mimic natural earth tones or be applied in a range of contrasting designer shades. A driveway should also blend with other outdoor features of the home, including patios, walkways and porches.

Strength and Endurance

The strength and durability of a driveway is determined by the specific mix of the materials used to pave it, and the material used to pave a driveway should be selected based upon a number of considerations. The surface must be able to stand up to the expected traffic loads, resist the ultraviolet rays of the sun and heavy rainfall without damage or fading and blend with the native soil types and natural surroundings that are unique to Houston.

Many homeowners fail to consider that their driveways are an extra outdoor space that can be customized to their own specific tastes. A well-built, attractive driveway is a great way to enhance and set apart a beautiful home. If you notice that your driveway is looking old, unappealing or even unsafe, contact a local Houston driveway specialist for more information about enhancing your entire property by improving the look and safety of your driveway.