Protect Your Patio with Concrete Coating

[Posted on July 9th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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There are two types of home foundations: concrete slab and pier-and-beam. If you build a home on a concrete slab, chances are you covered the bare floors with tile, hardwood, and/or carpet. The cold, gray look of a concrete floor is too bland and uncomfortable to contribute to the interior of your home. Now consider the exterior. Concrete coating is a great home improvement option; if you chose to spend the extra money on good landscaping and eye-catching siding, you don’t want to take away from the beauty of your home with ugly concrete patios. Additionally, outdoor patios are subject to the weather. The power of wind, water, and sun can age and weaken concrete making it susceptible to cracks.

What is Concrete Coating?

Concrete coating is one of the hottest products in the home improvement market today. A concrete coating gives you the chance to customize the appearance of standard concrete patios. You can combine the functionality of a concrete patio with the artistic quality of a specifically designed topcoat enhancement. Quickly change your drab outdoor patio to an Italian-style deck. Your house will be the center of summer parties.

Safety is a Key Feature

Like anything else, concrete ages. Cracks form and can be costly to fix. When water becomes trapped in between cracks then freezes, the ice expands causing additional damage. If the concrete patio is also a part of the original foundation, untold problems can occur beneath your home. Concrete coating helps to seal cracks. It acts as a deterrent for additional issues and lengthens the life of your concrete patio.

Aesthetics are Important

Choosing to invest in the aesthetics of your concrete patio can afford you several benefits. First and foremost, you are committing to a better looking exterior of your home, the place that represents you to the world. Second, depending on how long you stay in your home concrete coating improves the value of your residence. If you want to pay out your mortgage, you can sell your property to fund your retirement.

However, a lifelong commitment equals a valuable asset for your children or grandchildren. In case this is a rental property or just an opportunity to develop a home for resale, concrete coating is a simple but efficient means of protection.

Best Kind of Home Improvement

Home improvements that pack a punch without pinching your time are the best. Adding a concrete coating makes a formidable difference but won’t require excessive maintenance in the future. This benefits you as a homeowner because over the years you won’t want to have to pay for additional services to fix aging improvements. What you add to your home should benefit you for the long term and not become a potential disaster over time. A coating protects the concrete from your wear and tear for a long time.

No matter how you see it, concrete coatings for you patios just make sense. You can choose to do it yourself, using online videos or home warehouse workshops. Or just pay someone to artistically design your “safety” coating. Either way you will be reaping the rewards of this modification for years to come.