Let the Professionals from Allied Outdoor Solutions Beautify Your Concrete

Written by: Ashley Aguirre

Many homes in the Houston area have different types of concrete decks. From patio decks to concrete pool decks, sooner or later many of these decks become weathered looking.

This usually happens due to the extreme climate and weather that is native to the Houston area, and if you happen to have one of those decks in Houston that has that weathered or faded look then you should consider making a call to the experts in applying Carvestone Concrete.

Allied Outdoor Solutions should be your only phone call if you’re considering having work done on your concrete deck. It doesn’t matter whether you have a concrete patio, a pool deck or if you’re simply looking to breathe new life into the walkway leading to the front door of your home.

Allied Outdoor Solutions has a proven track record when it comes to using Carvestone Concrete. Carvestone is a unique concrete product whose ingredients include a mixture of different types of cement, along with special minerals that when combined together make a special concrete product that can be applied over any existing concrete decks or other concrete surface.

But that’s just part of the process, because the craftsmen from Allied, not only apply this concrete; they also carve it into any shape that you want for your deck and the end product not only looks fabulous, but it will also be one of the most unique decks in Houston.

They also apply tile grout and add color to the applied concrete mixture by hand. This personal touch and attention to detail makes every completed project a personal masterpiece for their clients, and personalizes all of their projects.

And when clients leave comments such as “Watching the transformation of our patio right before our eyes from ugly concrete to what it is now… was amazing!” you know that you’ve found the right company for your outdoor Houston patio deck project.

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