The Increasing Popularity of Flagstone in Houston

[Posted on Jan 23, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

A flat stone used in hardscaping and landscaping, flagstone is a sedimentary stone split into multiple thin layers. A sandstone typically consisting of feldspar and quartz cemented with calcium, iron oxide and calcium, there are countless uses for flagstone around your Houston home. Whether you use it to make a meandering path in the garden or cover the roof of a shed, you will love how Flagstone in Houston adds something special to your home and garden.

Available Colors

Quarried from places around the globe including the west coast of Ireland, the American northeast in Pennsylvania and the southern and southwestern areas of Texas and Arizona, Flagstone of Houston is available in several different colors. Whether you are dreaming of blue, green, gold, white, red, chocolate, beige or pink, you can enjoy several different colors of this wonderful and versatile stone.

Add the Sound of Water

Flagstone Houston dealers appreciate this stone for its incredible versatility. The stones are stackable, so you can use them to build your own custom fountain or waterfall. The water is piped to the waterfall from behind your carefully arranged wall of stones, and you will love watching the water tumble over the layers of flagstone.

Enjoy Level Ground

Retaining walls don’t have to be built out of man-made Windsor blocks. Flagstone Houston suppliers understand the value of this stone for building retaining walls. Whether you want a small raised garden or a retaining wall to eliminate a hill, flagstones are an excellent choice.

Through the Garden

Create an inviting walkway through the garden or leading to your patio with beautiful flagstone. The flat, even surface of flagstone makes it ideal for building a walkway that’s easy to travel. Set the stones close together and fill the space with sand or gravel for an eye-catching walkway, or leave a little space between and allow the grass to grow up and around the stone. Either way, walking through the yard will be easier when the ground is soft.

Protection for the Home

Flagstones aren’t just decorative, they can also be used for building tile. While you may not feel up to covering the roof of your main home with these tiles, you can install a beautiful tile roof on your garden shed, boathouse or storage barn. The stones can be split manually, so you can adjust the sizes to create the right covering for your roof.

Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces

The flat surface on flagstones makes them ideal for creating a luxurious outdoor living space. Concrete and wood are excellent choices, but only natural stones provide you with a beautiful variation in color and grain. As with walkways, you can let moss or grass come up between the stones for a natural appearance, or you can lay the stones on a bed of gravel of sand with packed sand in between stones.

Fireplace Facing

If you have a fireplace in your home and want a fresh look, consider the beauty of flagstone. Whether you choose stones with straight, machine-cut edges or you leave them a little rough and uneven for the visual appeal, you are going to love how amazing your fireplace looks when faced with this natural stone.

There is no limit to the great uses for flagstone around the house. Commonly used in exterior applications like walkways, patios and retaining walls, you can introduce it to the interior of your home with a fireplace paving or even your kitchen floor. A durable stone providing you with natural beauty, you will love the unique lines and impressive textures of flagstones.

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