Pool Deck Options

Are you like one of our clients before they called Allied Outdoor Solutions who is tired of burning their feet on a hot pool deck or splashing your coping to cool it down before you can sit on it?  We are here to help.

Let us help you navigate through all of your choices for decking so that you choose the best materials for extreme temperatures so that you can be comfortable all year long.  With over 17,000 projects complete you can leverage our experience to assist you in through this process.

Since Allied Outdoor Solutions offers all hardscape options let’s discuss one of our top products to help keep you cool.  Carvestone, a proprietary product to Allied Outdoor Solutions,  is one of our most popular and coolest options we offer. 


Benefits of Carvestone: 

  • The lighter color the cooler it will feel which is fully customizable.
  • Rated at 5,800 PSI to weather the harshest conditions
  • Integral color used to keep based color consistent throughout
  • Dedicated reseal team to assist with maintenance check-up’s every two years to remind you
  • 7 year warranty on chipping and delamination


We can’t guarantee that you won’t burn the hotdogs on the grill, but Carvestone won’t burn your little piggies on your bare feet! So, if you are looking for a southern summer friendly flat work solution, your dedicated Allied Outdoor Solutions project consultant can provide guidance in making the right decision for your project and help you achieve the outdoor space you’ve been envisioning.  Call us today for a free consultation.

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