Paving the Way: Creating Your Houston Outdoor Oasis

[Posted on May 12th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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If your home is sorely lacking in the outdoor entertainment arena, there are ways you can spruce up your outdoor space with some pavestone and a little creativity. From outdoor kitchens and fire pits to quaint pathways and patios, your home can benefit from a backyard makeover. Not only can patio paving in Houston enhance your home’s curb appeal, they can also boost its value, making your house the best on the block.


Fire Pits


Keeping warm on those chilly summer and fall nights is easy when you have a built-in fire pit made from pavers. These structures take up permanent residence on your patio as the centerpiece for all gatherings, parties and camp-outs. Go rustic with loosely-set stones if you want a New England cottage-style pit, suggests DIY Network. Or, for a clean, streamlined look, go with a classic round or square fire feature. You can explore your options fully when you consult with Houston Pavers professionals who can create anything for you, from well-wrought sunken pits to linear ventless fireplaces by paving your Houston home.


Outdoor Kitchens


If you’re tired of schlepping all the food you prepare from the kitchen out to the patio for dinners and parties, here’s a concept for you: outdoor kitchens. No longer just a matter of one grill and a table with chairs, an outdoor kitchen has all the amenities of your indoor one except, well, it’s outdoors. This means you can cook and prepare food amongst your guests without having to miss a beat in the conversation. You don’t have to walk far to serve it, either. Fire up the grill, grab cool drinks from the fridge and built-in bar, and clean up the mess using your custom sink.


These days, outdoor grills come with stainless steel vent hoods, iron cabinetry, wooden accents, and all the latest in countertop materials. Surrounding it all are pavers in any color, texture or pattern you wish. You can even incorporate a family-style cook space that blends a grilling station and eating area in one. A fully-equipped outdoor kitchen is separated from the rest of the patio by pavers and short walls, as they tend to be more efficient when zoned into logical uses, says HGTV. These types of stations feature plenty of prep space, room for utensils and ingredients, seating for family and friends, and just enough of a buffer between the eating and cooking areas so that everyone feels comfortable.


Pool Decks


If you’ve got a beautiful in-ground pool, nothing complements your outdoor oasis better than an intricate, textured pattern of pavestone surrounding it. From edging that complements your pool to safe, nonslip walking surfaces, your poolside decking also features maximum drainage capabilities to avoid pooling water to reduce slipping accidents.




Provide an irresistible invitation for guests to meander your custom paver walkway, the perfect complement to your overall landscape design. With a stylish pavestone or concrete walkway, you get strong, clean lines that define the space and pop with color, texture and design possibilities.


Creating a beautiful home starts with the details. Pavestone is a great way to achieve the polished yet functional look that will have your family enjoying it for years.