How Will Pavestone Enhance My Houston Home?

[Posted on July 1st, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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With so many choices on the market, finding the right surface material for an outdoor paving project can seem almost overwhelming. Some products are difficult to install, require extensive maintenance or are only available in a limited range of colors. Pavestone in Houston provides a solution to many of the problems presented by other outdoor surfacing products. Pavestone is easy to install, low maintenance and is available in a variety of colors and styles that can beautify any outdoor surface.

What is Pavestone?

Pavestone products are manufactured from high-strength concrete and are made to look like cut stones, cobblestones, flagstones or bricks. Pavestone in Houston is substantial enough to stand up to normal vehicular traffic while offering a range of beautiful options to enhance the appearance of every home, from a small cottage to high-end architectural masterpiece. Pavestone products can be blended with the color and texture of a home’s exterior finish, selected to accent a pool or water feature or designed to mesh with any outdoor setting. Pavestone products are easy to install and can be cut when needed to fit cleanly into any space for a beautiful, uniform appearance.

Pavestone Pavers

Pavestone pavers are a durable option for any outdoor surface. Pavestone can be used to beautify a poolside deck, create an outdoor walkway or pave a driveway. Because Pavestone pavers are made from concrete, the sizes and shapes into which they can be formed is almost limitless and includes rectangles, squares, circles, triangles, hexagons and irregular pieces. Pavestone pavers are available in a range of natural earth tones as well as designer colors that are manufactured to be fade-resistant. Pavers of different colors and shapes can be mixed to create interesting designs. Decorative tiles and panels can also be incorporated for a unique finished product. Large Pavestone pavers can be used individually to construct a walkway of stones surrounded by grass or landscape rock. Pavestone also offers a line of environmentally-friendly porous pavers designed to allow water to infiltrate directly into the ground through the paver. Pavestone pavers are easy to clean and require little long-term maintenance to retain their original appearance.

Other Pavestone Products

In addition to pavers, Pavestone products also include blocks and specialty materials designed for other outdoor uses. Pavestone blocks can be used to terrace a steeply sloped lot. Walls constructed from Pavestone can also be utilized to prevent erosion or to subdivide a large outdoor area. Pavestone walls can be topped with slabs and utilized for additional outdoor seating. Large Pavestone pieces can be used to construct outdoor stairways connecting different levels of a yard. Other Pavestone products include edging for flower beds and gardens and stackable pieces that can be used to construct an outdoor fireplace, firepit or barbeque. Because all of these products are manufactured by a single company, color and style matching to achieve a seamless appearance is easy. In addition to the extensive product lines, the manufacturers of Pavestone offer geotextiles, reinforcing fabric, lighting and other specialized products designed to enhance the appearance and performance of Pavestone products.

Although Pavestone pavers are used on the ground and are made to be walked on or driven over, they can add an architectural accent to any home or yard. Check out Pavestone’s product lines today, and find out what makes Pavestone a great choice for any outdoor surface.


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