Using Pavers To Design Your Houston Garden

[Posted on July 21st 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Pavers make the perfect garden walkway for your Houston backyard thanks to their ability to withstand heat and their highly durable nature. No longer relegated to boring gray concrete colors, you can incorporate the style and colors you want to match the rest of your landscaping through beautiful accents from Houston Pavers.

The Perfect Solution

Using Houston Pavers to design your meandering garden pathway means you can add rich variations in color interspersed with earthy organic tones to complement the natural appearance of your garden. Pavers are an ideal material to use in Houston because they resist cracking and fading due to the hot sun. They’re low maintenance and high strength yet with low water absorption. They’re also quite affordable when you compare the cost with the natural stones they are designed to resemble, such as slate. Not only are they attractive but they’re also versatile, allowing you to place them in virtually any configuration you like.

Want a rugged garden pathway with wild flowers overflowing the sides? You can do that. If you’re looking for a more manicured look with perfectly-positioned stepping stones and evenly trimmed landscaping, you’re in luck as well. You can even go with two types of stone and try a stone-and-pebble walkway that leads guests through lushly landscaped areas.

From geometric patterns to haphazard designs, you can make your garden pathway take on a life of its own. You don’t have to be confined to square or rectangle pieces, either. Why not go with circles that mimic stepping stones on a pond, or intersperse long rectangular shapes offset by small, irregular ones? Garden pathways are all about whimsy and fun, so don’t feel restricted by one set design. Your paver professionals can lend assistance during the design phases to help you choose just the right pattern that speaks to your style.

Garden Oasis

If you’ve got a colorful vegetable or flower garden out back and want to enhance the entire look with a path and perhaps a bench, consider a rustic look complete with wrought iron table and chair. Got a hillside garden? Welcome your visitors with a set of stone steps featuring bright green spruce evergreens on the sides. Add potted plants for some texture, lining your walkways with your favorite blooms, wildflowers and hedges to increase the feel of dimension. In terms of the pavers, you can go with a curved, streamlined look or a funky patchwork appearance depending on the style of your garden. Try a straight layout for a more formalized look, or offset some rectangular paver patterns reminiscent of an English courtyard.

Perhaps you love the weathered look with overgrown wildflowers or maybe you prefer the manicured look of straight lines bordered by pristine mulching. Whatever your choice, employ the services of a professional to ensure a perfect job. When you choose to incorporate stylish concrete walkways, you lend a clean, bold look to your entire yard that enhances borders and offers up an elegance that’s unrivaled any other way. Thanks to concrete’s ability to last decades, you won’t have to replace your dream walkway for a very long time to come.

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