How Are Patio Pavers Installed in Houston?

[Posted on June 30th 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]


When the look of your patio has turned stale, it’s time to give your backyard a mini makeover with a new design, color and pattern to complement any other outdoor features such as pools, spas, fire pits, gardens and waterfalls. Having concrete patio pavers professionally installed vs. doing it yourself will save you time and hassle, plus you know the finished product will be perfect. Adding patio pavers to your Houston home is easy to do, and are customized to fit any design you envision, as their versatility make them the ideal material for your patio.


Why a Professional is Best


You may be tempted to add patio pavers to your Houston home yourself in order to save money. However, this is a delicate, time consuming and precise process that requires the skill of a proven professional. It’s not just about slapping down some pavers over your existing grass and calling it a day. The process is much more involved than that, requiring more than just the initial design but also digging, grading and laying of the stones in a geometrically correct fashion.

Choosing the professionals at Houston Pavers means you get access to qualified technicians with many years of experience performing the exact job you’re looking for. They know the subtle nuances that go into the perfect placement, resulting in a job done right every time. Patio pavers are set on a concrete slab, embedded within mortar or placed on top of gravel. The design phase involves defining the outline of the desired patio area, then excavation and grading can begin. Leaving this part up to the pros is important because they take the proper precautions on finding out if it’s safe to dig in a particular area without hitting gas and water lines.

Mesh or fabric may be set down to guard against weeds popping through later. Compaction occurs next, then layers of bedding, then the pavers are set down straight — a job best left to your contractor because he can set them so that no shifting occurs down the road. But the job doesn’t stop there — edging and landscaping are performed to enhance the area.


Modernize Your Look


Bring out the unique features of your summer gathering spot by incorporating funky geometric patterns or traditional designs with pavers. This material offers an unmatched versatility because it can mimic the appearance of natural stone, in virtually any shade you want. Pavers are usually comprised of concrete, clay or stone, and you can even get composite pavers that are recycled and eco-friendly. From cobblestone to flagstone, you can incorporate the look of a quaint country village or a peaceful garden oasis. You don’t have to stick with rectangles and squares, either. Get creative with hexagons, interlocking and irregular shapes for intricate patterns that put a spin on the traditional. You can choose the thickness you want and the stone you want to copy, such as travertine, bluestone, granite or limestone. Texturing your concrete patio pavers means you get a natural slip resistance ideal for pool decking.


Rely on the professionals at Houston Concrete for all your patio paver needs, from design to installation to maintenance. They’ll advise you on the best way to keep up the beautiful appearance of your patio so it will never lose its luster.