Patio Pavers Houston Will Beautify Your Property

[Posted on Jan 22, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more luxurious all the time. The days of a simple table with a few chairs and an umbrella are fading into the distance. This outdated concept is being replaced with outdoor kitchens, luxurious seating areas, and all the creature comforts you desire. When planning your new patio, you can make the space of your dreams by using Patio Pavers Houston.

Unlimited Patterns

A basic wood deck features neatly marching rows, but you can make numerous patterns with help from Patio Pavers Houston. Stagger them like bricks, incorporate borders, or space them out and fill the gaps with mortar and pea gravel. The pattern on the ground will become an integral part of the patio that adds something special to the space.

Mix and Match Materials for a Smooth Transition

Use pavers mixed with gravel or moss to make a smooth transition from the solid patio surface to the lush garden and grass beyond. Pavers nestled among larger gravel pieces or set among colored mulch will allow the patio space to transition gracefully rather than ending abruptly. Use a few potted plants in the transition space to add some color, and highlight the walkway created by the pavers with exterior lighting.

Integrate Nature

If the patio of your dreams is practically maintenance free, then you might want to incorporate natural elements into your design. Choose patio pavers with irregular edges and space them a few inches apart around the patio area. Invest in moss to grow between the stones. The moss can be maintained with regular rainfall, or you can water it to keep it growing. There’s no need to mow the area, and you will love how amazing the patio looks with this natural solution to maintenance.

Defined Areas and Beautiful Borders

Neatly marching rows of patio pavers are popular, but you can also mix different shapes and styles to clearly define various areas. Use larger pavers in the main seating area, but then highlight a cozy nook for two with a circular pattern of smaller pavers. Create a gently arching border around the patio to clearly mark the boundary between grass and patio.

Add Beautiful Color for Style

You can have the best of different worlds when you choose patio pavers for your outdoor living space. Mix terra cotta pavers with beautiful Latin tiles in a brilliant blue. Using diamond shaped blue tiles at the intersections between four square pavers to create a pattern worthy of the interior of your home. The mix of colors and materials adds interest and luxury to the space.

You don’t have to mix materials or use brilliant Latin tiles to get a little color. Natural stone patio pavers come in a range of materials and styles. Choose pavers in beautiful tumbled gold marble or stunning travertine to add class, style, and grace to the patio.

Meandering Walkways

There’s more to your patio than the seating area. You also have gardens and other features you want to share such as meandering walkways in your hardscape plan. Use patio pavers to make a walkway into the garden, or let pavers guide your guests to a hidden retreat where they can relax and enjoy a good book.

When investing in a new outdoor living space, contact patio pavers Houston suppliers. They can help you with ideas, suggestions for installing pavers, and important maintenance tips. Most importantly, they can supply you with the stunning pavers you need to create a beautiful outdoor living space that will delight both you and your guests.

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