Other Concrete Coatings Houston Residents Can Choose From Don’t Stack Up To Carvestone

Carvestone is the concrete coating Houston people are choosing more often as they discover the benefits it offers over the other methods that have long dominated the industry. But the last several years have seen more and more residents learning about Allied Outdoor Solutions and our Carvestone installations. This increased awareness has not only made Carvestone more popular, it’s made the deficiencies in stamped concrete and other types of concrete coating more pronounced.

For example, stamped concrete, which for a long time was the most commonly used method of protecting exterior concrete, does increase the strength of the concrete surface, giving it a PSI rating of 3500. But Carvestone is able to increase the PSI rating to 5800, nearly double that of plain concrete. Proponents of stamped concrete will speak to it’s affordability however, because it will require repair after a few years (and in some cases a complete re-installation), any perceived savings in the beginning are moot.

Carvestone is made to last and has proven to stay looking new up to a decade after installation. We’ve installed over 2000 Carvestone concrete coatings Houston homeowners are currently enjoying and each one was designed specifically for that home. So not only is Carvestone more durable than stamped concrete, it offers a level of visual appeal that is non existent with the alternatives. It’s easy to see why Carvestone is now considered the top concrete overlay available in the area and why so many people are choosing to have it installed on their driveways, patios, pool decks and other exterior concrete.


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