Old to New: How a Concrete Overlay Can Upgrade Your Houston Home

[Posted on May 27th, 2014 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Are you looking for a flexible way to upgrade your home? A concrete overlay for your Houston home may be the choice for you. They offer a combination of customization, affordability, and versatility that’s hard to beat.

What Is a Concrete Overlay?

Concrete overlays in Houston are pretty simple to understand. They attach to an existing surface and can “mask damage or offer a fresh new appearance.” Essentially, it’s a layer of concrete built to complement or overtake what’s already there.

Concrete is an extremely popular building material, so it’s easy to see why homeowners are attracted to concrete overlays. Concrete is pet-friendly, as pet messes are easy to wash off of it. With minor maintenance, concrete can last for decades. It’s fire resistant, and it doesn’t trap water, odors, or bacteria. And because it’s pourable in many shapes and can be painted, concrete can achieve nearly any look a homeowner desires.

Concrete overlays are particularly popular in Houston, as the surface protection they provide is good for standing up to Houston’s hot, erratic climate.

Concrete Overlay Applications

Concrete overlays have a variety of applications. Patios or pool decks can benefit from the durable installation options afforded by concrete overlays. For instance, you could use concrete overlays to create a raised, stepping-stone platform around a hot tub, while extending a beautiful edged lip around the pool itself. And concrete overlays for your patio can often last much longer than a wooden surface, while being extremely easy to clean and maintain.

Driveways in particular are candidates for concrete overlays: The technique can repair or replace worn-out driveways, and become a more permanent solution than simply patching cracks or laying down gravel time and time again. And many homeowners have found they can create truly stunning walkways to welcome guests to their home. Put the two together, and your driveway-walkway combination could be the talk of the neighborhood, while boosting your home’s value to boot.

Restoring Old Concrete with Overlays

As concrete ages, it may begin to peel, become discolored, or crack. Without maintenance, the damage can progress from simply being an eyesore to being a danger. Concrete overlays, if done soon enough, can extend the life of concrete. Some overlay material can penetrate and seal cracks, and concrete overlays can also serve as a protective coating.

It’s generally cheaper to maintain something rather than letting it decay and replacing it, and concrete is no different. Aside from the price difference, concrete-overlay installation is much less invasive and disruptive than tearing out old concrete and pouring new concrete in. Since it uses the old surface as a base, virtually no demolition or hauling away is necessary, cutting down on time and costs.

Endless Customization with Concrete Overlays

Aside from repairing old concrete, concrete overlays can also give an entirely new look to a surface. For instance, Carvestone overlay products look like stone but are endlessly customizable: They come in virtually any color, and installers can hand-shape them into any configuration. The material has a PSI rating of 5800, which is much stronger than normal concrete. This product has even been used to restore historic buildings in Europe, which is a testament to its beauty and versatility. If you need a durable, flexible, cost-effective renovation, concrete overlays may just be the solution for your home, too.

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