Of The Concrete Coatings Houston Homeowners Have Used, Carvestone Is Superior

Everyone has experienced the negative effects of damaged concrete. You’ve either taken a bumpy ride down a road covered in broken concrete or almost tripped over a sidewalk that was damaged. When it comes to damaged concrete around the outside your home, not only are you dealing with the potentially dangerous problems it can cause, it’s an eyesore that you must deal with on a constant basis. It also doesn’t look very good if you happen to be selling your home and will force you to lower your asking price.

There have always been concrete coatings Houston homeowners have used to try and protect these exterior concrete areas from the brutal climate that can cause damage when they’re left unprotected. For a long time, stamped concrete was considered the best option because it did increase the strength of these surfaces and was a relatively affordable option. However, any homeowner that has lived through a stamped concrete installation knows that in just a short time, wear and tear will begin to become evident and repair or reinstallation will be required.

This is why Carvestone, installed by Allied Outdoor Solutions, is the choice for concrete coatings Houston people are choosing. Carvestone was developed in Europe and used to restore old buildings. The same qualities that make it effective for that purpose make it great for giving a decorative concrete look to driveways, patios, gardens and pool decks while offering a PSI rating of 5800. That’s nearly double unprotected concrete and much higher than the 3500 PSI rating of stamped concrete.