Not All Concrete Coatings Houston Residents Have Available To Them Are Effective

Because it’s considered an essential part of owning a home in this area, there are multiple concrete coatings Houston homeowners are told will protect the concrete surfaces around the outside of their home. It wasn’t long ago that had you asked industry experts what the most effective method was that they’d respond with stamped concrete or one of the various spray-on types of concrete overlay that have been on the market for some time.

These were among the methods that have long been considered the best option for homeowners when they want to avoid the cracking and damage that comes from exposing these exterior concrete surfaces to the Houston climate throughout the year. Times have changed, however, and across the board those same experts now strongly endorse Allied Outdoor Solutions concrete coating known as Carvestone.

Not only has Carvestone been proven to be stronger and last longer, but at Allied Outdoor Solutions, we customize the look and design of each Carvestone project to match the home where it’s being installed. This means that each Carvestone project is unique, which isn’t an option available with other concrete coatings Houston homeowners have available to them. In addition, our installations are done by hand with no messy tear outs. For anyone that has had to live through disruptive home improvement projects, this comes as a relief. We’ve hand installed over 2000 Carvestone concrete overlays in the area, each by hand and we’re confident that you’ll appreciate the difference.


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