Modernize Your Houston Home in 2014 with a New Concrete Coating

[Posted on January 7th, 2014  by Ashley Aguirre]

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A concrete coating in Houston can be the perfect way to usher in the New Year for your home. A professional home improvement company can perform a concrete coating treatment quickly and economically giving your home a fresh, modern look for the coming year.

What Types of Concrete Coatings Are Available?

Installing a concrete coating in Houston is one of the latest and smartest ways to create beautiful surfaces in and around your home. There are several methods of coating concrete, and each concrete surface can be treated to change the appearance, texture or durability of the existing concrete.

Colored Stains

Concrete can be stained almost any color, allowing homeowners to match concrete to the rest of the color scheme or décor. Concrete staining can be applied when concrete is poured or at a later time.


Concrete overlays come in several types. Many are poured epoxies or other substances that sit on the surface of concrete and soak into the tiny pores and cracks to create an even, impermeable surface. Other coatings such as polyaspartics dry very quickly for rapid application time.

Decorative Coatings

Today’s technology allows professionals to coat concrete with images and patterns that give it the appearance of many other substances such as marble, tile or natural stone. Pictures and patterns can be embedded in concrete so that the floor or other surface is not only beautiful but extremely durable.

What Can A Professional Concrete Coating Do For My Home?

A professional concrete coating expert can install beautiful concrete treatments that raise the value of your home and create a lasting surface that will give you years of worry-free enjoyment. Many concrete treatments are difficult for homeowners to install properly, but a professional can create a coating or treatment process that gives the homeowner perfect results every time. Further, these professional concrete coatings offer many benefits to homeowners beyond the pleasing aesthetics of a beautiful surface.

Concrete is a porous substance that can absorb stains and spilled substances. Water that works its way in can spread during periods of freezing, causing cracks and breaks in the surface and deep into the concrete structure. Concrete coatings prevent the absorption of possibly damaging substances so that concrete stays beautiful and maintains its integrity.

Further, concrete coatings can give homeowners a safer and smoother surface in central areas of the home or landscape. In places where it is desirable to have smooth, easy-to-sweep surfaces, concrete coatings can create a glassy veneer that shines and is easy to clean as well as beautiful and eye-catching. In areas where it is necessary to have a more textured surface to provide foot traffic safety, concrete coatings can be textured to any degree necessary to provide safe walking surfaces.

Choosing a professional home improvement company to install your concrete coating is a wise decision. With a professionally installed concrete coating, your home value will increase along with the beauty of your home. Everyone will enjoy the beauty and durability of your new concrete treatment and you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have made a cost-effective decision that adds years of wear to your home’s surfaces.