Make Your Houston House a Home with a Concrete Overlay

[Posted on August 27th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Improving the value of your home requires a lot of hard work, time, and money. One of the best ways to focus on improving the exterior of your home is by redesigning the concrete. Using a concrete overlay in Houston will give your home new life, and helps your worn surfaces look modern and new. There are several choices you can select when choosing the right overlay. Some people opt for a natural stone texture where others prefer adding a stain or even a pattern. It is important to meet with the right contractors in order to design the concrete overlays to your exact specifications.

What is a Concrete Overlay?

A concrete overlay is used on worn down or damaged concrete surfaces. It is cement “topping” that is added to your existing concrete. If you are considering removing old concrete because it is in need of repair, an overlay might be a better option. It can save homeowners money in many situations, and it often gives your home a vibrant look. If the surface is usable, the overlay will make it look brand new. If you just simply do not like the way your existing concrete surface looks, the overlay will provide a different look from the concrete you have. The overall amount of time it takes to add the overlay is less than adding new concrete. Consider using a concrete overlay in Houston instead of concrete replacement to save yourself both time and money.

Types of Overlay

There are two basic types of concrete overlays a homeowner can select. A bonded overlay is very thin and it is used when you have areas of concrete that are thin or broken, but the actual concrete structure is sound. The bonding layer will adhere to the existing layer of concrete to give your concrete a new look or design. The unbonded overlay is different as it is thicker. The unbonded overlay will vary based on the amount of traffic the area of concrete receives. The reason it is not bonded is to prevent stress to the structure of the existing concrete. You do not want to cause the existing concrete to crack if the bonded layer is cracking.

Adding the Overlay

When you hire a professional to install the concrete overlay, they will use a few different methods to install it. It varies based on the area where the concrete will go. You do not want to end up having an overlay that is smooth and sleek next to a wet surface. Most contractors will use a hopper gun or a steel trowel to add the overlay to the concrete.

The Importance of an Experienced Contractor

It is important to find a contractor that specializes in creating decorative concrete overlays. You need the concrete to look new and you need it to help boost the value of your home. A qualified contractor will use concrete that is specifically designed for overlays. The contractor needs to work quickly as this concrete mixture tends to dry much faster from the other types of concrete on the market. In several hours, your new concrete overlay will be able to handle light traffic. About 45 days after installation, the concrete will reach its full strength.

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