Getting the Look You Want with Patio Pavers in Houston

[Posted on June 24th, 2013 by Ashley Aguirre]

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Summertime in Houston is prime time for outdoor entertaining. Patio pavers in Houston are an attractive way to add an outdoor living area or patio to your home or to update the look of previously existing outdoor surface. With so many options to complement any home or yard, pavers are an excellent choice for any outdoor paving project.

Style to Complement Any Home

Concrete, asphalt and wood are all popular choices for use in decks, walks and outdoor entertainment areas, but all have limitations, especially when it comes to design options. Patio pavers in Houston, on the other hand, are manufactured in hundreds of different colors, shapes and styles. Pavers can be matched to the exact color and style of home, or pavers that contrast with the home’s exterior can be used for added impact. Uniform pavers of the same color can be used throughout an entire project, or different colors and geometric shapes can be mixed and matched to achieve a more interesting look. Some pavers are designed to interlock for a solid, uniform surface or while other pavers can be placed at intervals to create an interesting garden walkway or connecting path. Spaced pavers surrounded by grass or other ground cover can be an attractive method of blending solid and natural materials. Textured pavers are great for a poolside or outdoor pathway to provide increased traction while walking in wet conditions. Soft, low-impact pavers also enhance the appearance and safety of a backyard play area.

Easy To Install and Maintain

The most difficult step of any paving project is the preparation of the ground surface. Installation of patio pavers does not require heavy equipment that can damage a lawn or crush septic lines. A small backhoe or soil compactor might be required to ensure a flat, level surface, but many sites can be prepared using hand tools. The process to install pavers emits no volatile organic compounds or other vapors like asphalt and does not require a long curing time like concrete. Once installed, pavers do not require regular surface sealing like both concrete and wood surfaces. Properly laid pavers have a longer life comparable to that of concrete or asphalt without requiring any additional maintenance.


Pavers are also an environmentally-friendly paving option. Stormwater run-off can carry fertilizer, oil and other chemicals into storm sewers that eventually empty into creeks and streams. Stormwater run-off also leads to erosion and can carry away valuable topsoil. Concrete and asphalt surfaces increase the amount of run-off by preventing infiltration of stormwater. Individual patio pavers can be spaced to allow stormwater to infiltrate directly into the ground. Some pavers are also made of porous material that allows water to pass directly through the paver itself instead of running off. Enhanced infiltration of rainwater is especially important in a place like Houston which is frequently subjected to tropical storms and hurricanes that can drop over 20 inches of rain in just a few days. In addition to increasing the infiltration of stormwater, patio pavers made of recycled materials, including tires and post-consumer plastic, are available on the market.

If your yard needs an upgrade, consider patio pavers. Available in styles that will complete any home, patio pavers can give your outdoor kitchen, patio, poolside or any other outdoor surface a new look for summer.